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norperson - man [n]: patriark [u]
spaperson - man [n]: patriarca [m]
sweperson - man [n]: patriark [u]
  1. [n]: Patriarch, spiritual leader [gt]
  2. [n]: paterfamilias, man [gt], adult male [gt], head of household [gt]
  3. [n]: forefather [gt], father [gt], sire [gt]
  4. [n]: old man [gt], greybeard [gt], graybeard [gt], Methuselah [gt]
Derived terms:patriarchal, patriarchy, antediluvian patriarch, patriarchal cross, patriarchate, patriarchic
Wiki:Originally a patriarch was a man who exercised autocratic authority as a pater familias over an extended family. The system of such rule of families by senior males is called patriarchy. This is a Greek word, a composition of ????? (pater) meaning ""father"" and ????? meaning ""leader"", ""chief"", ""ruler"", ""king"", etc.
  1. Thank you, Patriarch.
  2. The patriarch of hominus nocturna.
  3. The patriarch of our clan?
  4. A patriarch with an almost biblical sense of integrity and conviction.
  5. Id rather you didnt see me as a patriarch.
  6. The Patriarch, the Fellow-
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