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norgeneral [?]: motstand
spageneral [?]: resistencia
swegeneral [?]: motstånd
Synonyms:[n]: resistance, electrical device [gt]
Derived terms:ballast resistor, thermal resistor, variable resistor
Wiki:A resistor is a two-terminal electronic component that produces a voltage across its terminals that is proportional to the electric current through it in accordance with Ohm's law: Resistors are elements of electrical networks and electronic circuits and are ubiquitous in most electronic equipment. Practical resistors can be made of various compounds and films, as well as resistance wire (wire made of a high-resistivity alloy, such as nickel-chrome). The primary characteristics of a resistor are the resistance, the tolerance, the maximum working voltage and the power rating.
Results found in Spanish dictionary
enggeneral [?]: resistor
norgeneral [?]: motstand
swegeneral [?]: motstånd
Wiki:Se denomina resistor al componente electrónico diseñado para introducir una resistencia eléctrica determinada entre dos puntos de un circuito. En otros casos, como en las planchas, calentadores, etc. , los resistores se emplean para producir calor aprovechando el efecto Joule.
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