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normedicine [n]: minneluke [u]
medicine [n]: jernteppe [u], tilfeldig bevisstløshet [u]
spamedicine [n]: amnesia temporal [f]
medicine [n]: desmayo [m], pérdida del conocimiento [f]
swemedicine [n]: minneslucka [u]
medicine [n]: blackout [u], tillfällig medvetslöshet [u]
  1. [n]: pause [gt], intermission [gt], break [gt], interruption [gt], suspension [gt]
  2. [n]: brownout, dimout, dark [gt], darkness [gt]
  3. [n]: power outage [gt], power failure [gt]
  4. [n]: unconsciousness [gt]
  5. [n]: amnesia, memory loss, cognitive state [gt], state of mind [gt]
  1. Put out the candle. The blackout is over.
  2. Every hospital has a back-up electric generator in case of blackout.
  3. Last night I could not do my homework on account of a long blackout.
  4. The Minister of energy will refer to yesterdays blackout.
  5. There was a blackout, so I reset my VCRs time, but I was off by an hour, so I missed my appointment.
  6. Tom had a drunken blackout and cant remember how he got home last night.
Results found in Swedish dictionary
engmedicine [n]: blackout
normedicine [n]: jernteppe
spamedicine [n]: desmayo [m], pérdida del conocimiento [f]
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engblack out
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