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normilitary [n]: brohode [n]
spamilitary [n]: cabeza de puente [f]
swemilitary [n]: brohuvud [n]
  1. [n]: foothold, combat zone [gt], combat area [gt]
  2. [n]: post [gt], station [gt]
Wiki:A bridgehead (also 'Bridge-head'; French tête-de-pont) is a military fortification that protects the end of a bridge that is closest to the enemy. The term has been generalized in colloquial usage to refer to any kind of defended area that is extended into hostile territory - also called a foothold or, incorrectly, a beachhead - in particular the area on the farside of a defended river bank or a segment of a lake or riverine coastline, such as the Bridge at Remagen. The term is especially applied when such a territory is initially seized by an amphibious assault with the tactical intent of establishing a supply line across the geographic barrier feature to allow further operational manoeuvring.
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