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normiddle [n]: mitt [u], senter [n]
core [n]: kjerne [u], det innersta [invariable], sentrum [n], hjerte [n]
spamiddle [n]: medio [m], centro [m]
core [n]: centro [m], núcleo [m], corazón [m]
swemiddle [n]: mitt [u], center [n]
core [n]: kärna [u], det innersta [invariable], centrum [n], hjärta [n]
  1. [adj]: halfway, middle, midway, central [st]
  2. [adj]: centrist [st], middle-of-the-road [st]
  3. [n]: centre, middle, heart, eye, area [gt], country [gt]
  4. [n]: center field, centerfield, tract [gt], piece of land [gt], piece of ground [gt], parcel of land [gt], parcel [gt]
  5. [n]: centre, building [gt], edifice [gt]
  6. [n]: centre, midpoint, point [gt]
  7. [n]: kernel, substance, core, essence, gist, heart, heart and soul, inwardness, marrow, meat, nub, pith, sum, nitty-gritty, content [gt], cognitive content [gt], mental object [gt]
  8. [n]: center of attention, object [gt]
  9. [n]: centre, nerve center, nerve centre, neural structure [gt]
  10. [n]: formation [gt]
  11. [n]: basketball player [gt], basketeer [gt], cager [gt]
  12. [n]: snapper, lineman [gt]
  13. [n]: centre, place [gt], property [gt]
  14. [n]: class [gt], social class [gt], socio-economic class [gt]
  15. [n]: hockey player [gt], ice-hockey player [gt]
  16. [n]: centre, sweet [gt], confection [gt]
  17. [n]: plaza, mall, shopping mall, shopping center, shopping centre, mercantile establishment [gt], retail store [gt], sales outlet [gt], outlet [gt]
  18. [n]: position [gt]
  19. [n]: lineman [gt]
  20. [n]: position [gt]
  21. [v]: focus on, center on, revolve around, revolve about, concentrate on, refer [gt], pertain [gt], relate [gt], concern [gt], come to [gt], bear on [gt], touch [gt], touch on [gt]
  22. [v]: concentrate, focus, centre, pore, rivet, think [gt], cogitate [gt], cerebrate [gt]
  23. [v]: centre, move [gt], displace [gt], center on [rt]
antonyms:[adj]: right ,left
Derived terms:center of commerce, center of gravity, center of trade, centerfold, commercial center, day-care center, epicenter, health center, music center, self-centered, shopping center, soft-centered, trade center, trading center, centerpiece, sports center, army high performance computing research center, auditory center, barycenter, broca's center, burn center, call center, casualty care research center, center bit, center field, center fielder, center for disease control and prevention, center line, center of attention, center of buoyancy, center of curvature, center of flotation, center of immersion, center of mass, center on, center punch, center spread, center stage, centerboard, centered, centerfield, centerfielder, centering, centerline, child-centered, city center, civic center, client-centered therapy, community center, concenter, [Show less / more]
Anagrams:recent, centre, tenrec
  1. The tourist information center gave a city map to whoever asked it.
  2. The student center is a good place to strike up conversations.
  3. Our travel advice center caters to the independent traveler.
  4. Wheres the information center for hotels?
  5. I play center in football and basketball.
  6. Paris is the center of the world, in a way.
  7. New York is the center of the stock exchange in America.
  8. What train goes to the center of town?
  9. What subway goes to the center of town?
  10. Could you tell me which bus or train goes to the center of the town?
  11. Therefore, a center for the development of human resources should be built in Japan.
  12. About 27,000 people live in and around Deal, but it has a small town center and it feels very much like a small town.
  13. The fire, driven by an east wind, destroyed the center of the city.
  14. I hear the store is in the center of the city.
  15. The town developed into the center of the economy.
  16. There is a nice park in the center of the town.
  17. The park lies in the center of the city.
  18. The center fielder shifted his position for the slugger.
  19. The bus will take you to the center of the city.
  20. The goal of the center should be to train young people from other countries within a specific time period.
Results found in Swedish dictionary
engmitt [n]: middle, center
normitt [n]: senter
spamitt [n]: medio [m], centro [m]
  1. nav, kärna, medelpunkt, city, mitten, mitt, mittpunkt
  2. stomme, centrum
Derived terms:köpcenter
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