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norradio [n]: radiostasjon [u], kanal [u]
nautical [n]: kanal [u], sund [n]
sparadio [n]: estación de radio [f]
nautical [n]: canal [m], estrecho [m]
sweradio [n]: radiostation [u], kanal [u]
nautical [n]: kanal [u], sund [n]
  1. [n]: transmission channel, transmission [gt]
  2. [n]: passage [gt]
  3. [n]: groove, depression [gt], impression [gt], imprint [gt]
  4. [n]: body of water [gt], water [gt]
  5. [n]: communication channel, line, communication [gt], communicating [gt]
  6. [n]: duct, epithelial duct, canal, passage [gt], passageway [gt]
  7. [n]: television channel, TV channel, television station [gt], TV station [gt]
  8. [n]: distribution channel, marketing [gt]
  9. [v]: conduct, transmit, convey, carry, bring [gt], convey [gt], take [gt]
  10. [v]: canalize, canalise, steer [gt], maneuver [gt], manoeuver [gt], manoeuvre [gt], direct [gt], point [gt], head [gt], guide [gt], channelize [gt], channelise [gt]
  11. [v]: transmit, transfer, transport, channelize, channelise, move [gt], displace [gt]
Derived terms:choose another channel, channeling, irrigation channel, message channel, official channels, second channel, secondary channel, back-channel, back channel, blue channel cat, blue channel catfish, bristol channel, calcium-channel blocker, channel-surf, channel bass, channel capacity, channel cat, channel catfish, channel island, channel islands national park, channel tunnel, channelisation, channelise, channelization, channelize, channels, communication channel, distribution channel, english channel, mozambique channel, multichannel recorder, north channel, single-channel, television channel, transmission channel, tv channel, two-channel
  1. Id like to set it to the movie channel.
  2. She became the first woman to complete a two-way nonstop crossing of the channel in fifteen years.
  3. Can I change the channel?
  4. Do you mind if I change the channel?
  5. Because the channel was changed he got angry.
  6. Turn to channel 1.
  7. They are building a long bridge across the channel.
  8. We took the cross-channel ferry from Dover to Calais.
  9. The ship sailed down the channel.
  10. Man flows at once to God when the channel of purity is open.
  11. I wanted to switch channel, but my wife didnt let me.
  12. The BBC is my favourite channel.
  13. Russia Today is a 24/7 English news channel.
  14. I appeared on television once, but I never knew which channel I was on.
  15. Dont change the channel.
  16. This is RTL 2, a German TV channel.
  17. Turn on channel four.
  18. Elena Mizulina, infamous for her legislative initiatives, suggested in her interview to the REN-TV channel that the phrase “gays are people too” may be considered extremist.
  19. Click the Like button and subscribe to my channel!
  20. She watched a news channel.
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