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norsports - boxing [n]: clinch [u]
discussion [v]: avgjøre, fastslå
sports - boxing [v]: gå i klinsj
agreement [v]: fastslå, beseile, bekrefte
technical [v]: nagle
spasports - boxing [n]: forcejeo [m], cuerpo a cuerpo [m]
discussion [v]: resolver, dirimir
sports - boxing [v]: agarrarse, luchar cuerpo a cuerpo
agreement [v]: concluir, finiquitar, cerrar, finalizar
technical [v]: remachar
swesports - boxing [n]: clinch [u]
discussion [v]: avgöra, fastslå
sports - boxing [v]: gå i clinch
agreement [v]: fastslå, besegla, bekräfta
technical [v]: nita
  1. [n]: maneuver [gt], manoeuvre [gt], evasive action [gt]
  2. [n]: clench, noose [gt], running noose [gt], slip noose [gt]
  3. [n]: fastener [gt], fastening [gt], holdfast [gt], fixing [gt]
  4. [n]: clamp, holding device [gt]
  5. [n]: hug, squeeze, embrace [gt], embracing [gt], embracement [gt]
  6. [v]: fasten [gt], fix [gt], secure [gt]
  7. [v]: hold [gt], take hold [gt]
  8. [v]: clench, seize [gt], prehend [gt], clutch [gt]
  9. [v]: embrace [gt], hug [gt], bosom [gt], squeeze [gt]
  10. [v]: fasten [gt], fix [gt], secure [gt]
  11. [v]: settle [gt], square off [gt], square up [gt], determine [gt]
Derived terms:clincher, clinching, clinch river, clinched, clincher-built, double clinch, inside clinch, outside clinch
Example:The boys clinch again.|That'll clinch it.|He must have felt awful about not finding you two in a clinch.|What would clinch it for us?|A gentle embrace, as opposed to a clinch.|Iceman's not hurt, but he ties Monroe up in a clinch!|Clinch him!|The Yankees officially clinch the division.|Bender parries it and they're in a clinch.
Results found in Norwegian dictionary
engsport - boksing [n]: clinch
spasport - boksing [n]: forcejeo [m], cuerpo a cuerpo [m]
swesport - boksing [n]: clinch
Derived terms:clinche, i clinch
  1. Reidar Stangeland er ikke helt fornøyd med oppskriften, han går i clinch med Olemann og lærer ham bevegelsene enda litt bedre.
  2. Lillen groggy, men greier å gå i clinch og redder seg runden ut.
Results found in Swedish dictionary
engsport - boxning [n]: clinch
norsport - boxning [n]: clinch
spasport - boxning [n]: forcejeo [m], cuerpo a cuerpo [m]
Derived terms:gå i clinch
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