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norheight [a]: kjempehøy, imponerende, kolossal, gigantisk
size [a]: kolossal, kjempelik, enorm, veldig, gigantisk, titanisk
spaheight [a]: gigantesco, colosal, enorme
size [a]: colosal, enorme, tremendo, inmenso, gigantesco, descomunal
sweheight [a]: jättehög, imponerande, kolossal, gigantisk
size [a]: kolossal, jättelik, enorm, väldig, gigantisk, titanisk
Synonyms:[adj]: prodigious, stupendous, large [st], big [st]
  1. There are colossal mountains in the north.
  2. Forgetting to say the graduating students name at the graduation ceremony was a colossal miss.
  3. Mount Chokai is a colossal mountain in Akita.
  4. The completion of the Suez canal was a colossal achievement.
  5. A nice lady took me into a huge, gigantic – аt least from a 3-year-olds perspective – room, with tall shelves filled with toys. And I was sitting there, in one place, for I have no idea how long, but probably for a colossal 5 minutes or so, and then I just started crying like Ive never cried before. Ladies from the kindergarten tried to calm me, but there was no use. Fortunately, my mother was still there, talking with a parent of another kid, so she came to me and took me home. And they decided to never take me there again until I was 6 or so.
  6. What a colossal waste of time!
  7. That was a colossal waste of time.
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