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northought [n]: betraktende [n], overveidende [n]
decision [n]: overveidende [n]
attention [n]: oppmerksomhet [u], beaktende [n]
spathought [n]: consideración [f]
decision [n]: consideración [f], reflexión [f]
attention [n]: consideración [f], atención [f]
swethought [n]: betraktande [n], övervägande [n]
decision [n]: övervägande [n]
attention [n]: uppmärksamhet [u], beaktande [n]
  1. [n]: thinking [gt], thought [gt], thought process [gt], cerebration [gt], intellection [gt], mentation [gt]
  2. [n]: circumstance, condition, information [gt]
  3. [n]: discussion [gt], treatment [gt], discourse [gt]
  4. [n]: considerateness, thoughtfulness, kindness [gt]
  5. [n]: retainer, fee [gt]
  6. [n]: thoughtfulness, kindness [gt], benignity [gt]
antonyms:[n]: thoughtlessness ,inconsideration
Derived terms:after serious consideration, careful consideration, give consideration, reconsideration, without consideration, inconsideration, under consideration, with consideration
  1. You had better take into consideration that you are no longer young.
  2. I will forgive him out of consideration.
  3. I will forgive him out of consideration for you.
  4. We should have taken the schedule into consideration.
  5. You must treat them with more consideration.
  6. The first thing you have to take into consideration is time.
  7. That requires careful consideration.
  8. The problem is not worth consideration.
  9. The new method is well worth consideration.
  10. The matter is now under consideration.
  11. As a result, it is undeniable that important disciplines and moral education have been neglected. By placing excessive importance on scholastic achievement, many parents have forgotten such basic social courtesies as consideration for others.
  12. Smiths approach differs greatly from others in that he did not take the affixation into consideration.
  13. Taking everything into consideration, he cant be the criminal.
  14. Taking everything into consideration, they ought to be given another chance.
  15. Taking all things into consideration, I think they were mistaken in it.
  16. All things taken into consideration, her life is a happy one.
  17. Taking everything into consideration, he bought the car.
  18. In other words, the merits, etc. of making detours are the consideration of the attitudes of the landowners whose property the line would cross, the convenience of other towns and villages, as well as connection with other railway lines.
  19. For your consideration.
  20. If we take this additional evidence into consideration, the second law must be modified.
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