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norblameworthiness [n]: brudd på reglene [u], skyld [u]
spablameworthiness [n]: culpabilidad [f], culpa [f]
sweblameworthiness [n]: brottslighet [u], skuld [u]
Synonyms:[n]: blameworthiness, culpableness, guilt [gt], guiltiness [gt]
Derived terms:inculpability
Wiki:Culpability descends from the Latin concept of fault. The concept of culpability is intimately tied up with notions of agency, freedom and free will. All are commonly held to be necessary, but not sufficient, conditions for culpability.
Example:This should allay your doubts about his culpability.|My report will point out Antonsson's culpability as negligible.|It'd be best if they realized their culpability in the death of a man.|A veteran like Vincennes might admit his own culpability but not a fellow officer's.|They won't find any criminal culpability in the AI Bathra incident.|Another mishap and you won't escape culpability.|Nobody doubts my culpability I reacted the same way|I mean the mind of a serial killer as it relates to culpability.|But you're denying her culpability, are you not?|Denies all culpability.
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