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norstreet [n]: trotterkant [u]
restraint [n]: tvang [n], band [n], kontroll [u]
prune [v]: skjære ned noe, redusere, minske
behavior [v]: tøyle, kue, hemme
spastreet [n]: bordillo [m], flanco [m]
restraint [n]: freno [m], restricción [f]
prune [v]: reducir, disminuir
behavior [v]: reprimir, refrenar
swestreet [n]: trottoarkant [u]
restraint [n]: tvång [n], band [n], kontroll [u]
prune [v]: skära ner, reducera, minska
behavior [v]: tygla, kuva, hämma
  1. [n]: curbing, kerb, edge [gt]
  2. [n]: curb bit, bit [gt]
  3. [n]: American Stock Exchange, AMEX, Curb, stock exchange [gt], stock market [gt], securities market [gt]
  4. [n]: bridle, check, restraint [gt]
  5. [v]: control, hold in, hold, contain, check, moderate, restrain [gt], suppress [gt], keep [gt], keep back [gt], hold back [gt]
  6. [v]: suppress, stamp down, inhibit, subdue, conquer, control [gt], hold in [gt], hold [gt], contain [gt], check [gt], curb [gt], moderate [gt]
  7. [v]: restrain [gt], encumber [gt], cumber [gt], constrain [gt]
  8. [v]: restrict, curtail, cut back, limit [gt], circumscribe [gt], confine [gt]
Derived terms:curbstone, uncurbed, cucurbit, cucurbita, cucurbita argyrosperma, cucurbita foetidissima, cucurbita maxima, cucurbita maxima turbaniformis, cucurbita mixta, cucurbita moschata, cucurbita pepo, cucurbita pepo melopepo, cucurbitaceae, cucurbitaceous, curb bit, curb market, curb roof, curb service, curbed, curbing, curbside, family cucurbitaceae, genus cucurbita
  1. The committee called on all nations to work side-by-side to curb air pollution.
  2. Excessive reliance on monetary policy an attempt to curb inflation could unnecessarily constrain credit and hence business.
  3. The government should endeavor to curb inflation.
  4. A boy is taking his sweet time pushing the cart toward the curb.
  5. What natural foods help curb the appetite?
  6. Please give me some kind of medicine to curb the pain.
  7. Tom sat on the curb.
  8. God blesses those who curb their tongue.
  9. I think the death penalty is not a very effective way of trying to curb crimes.
  10. Pull up to the curb.
  11. Tom is not eating between meals in an effort to curb his weight gain.
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