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norlight [n]: dagslys [n], sollys [n]
spalight [n]: luz del día [f], luz del sol [f], luz [f]
swelight [n]: dagsljus [n], solljus [n]
  1. [n]: day, daytime, time period [gt], period of time [gt], period [gt]
  2. [n]: light [gt], visible light [gt], visible radiation [gt]
antonyms:[n]: night
Derived terms:daylight saving time, daylight savings time, daylight-saving time, daylight-savings time, daylight saving, daylight savings, daylight vision
Wiki:Daylight or the light of day is the combination of all direct and indirect sunlight outdoors during the daytime. This includes direct sunlight, diffuse sky radiation, and (often) both of these reflected from the Earth and terrestrial objects. Sunlight scattered or reflected from objects in outer space (that is, beyond the Earth's atmosphere) is generally not considered daylight.
  1. The burglar broke into the post office in broad daylight.
  2. I had to think about the problem for quite a while before I saw daylight.
  3. A gang of three robbed the bank in broad daylight.
  4. It was broad daylight when I woke up.
  5. I forgot that the daylight saving time ended last week.
  6. I like reading by daylight.
  7. He had his car stolen in broad daylight.
  8. An innocent passer-by was shot dead in broad daylight.
  9. A few seconds ago I was in the open air and the bright daylight, and now my eyes refuse to serve me in this darkness.
  10. The thieves pulled off an audacious robbery in broad daylight.
  11. Tom and Marys house was broken into in broad daylight, while the family was in the garden.
  12. Tom got home just before daylight.
  13. You see ghosts in the daylight.
  14. Very large windows assure abundant natural daylight.
  15. A large bathroom with natural daylight belongs to this apartment.
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