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norjoke [a]: herlig, lystig
food [a]: lekker, delikat, utsøkt, appetittlig
spajoke [a]: delicioso, deleitoso, exquisito
food [a]: delicioso, deleitable, apetitoso
swejoke [a]: härlig, ljuvlig
food [a]: läcker, delikat, utsökt, aptitlig
  1. [adj]: delightful, pleasing [st]
  2. [adj]: delectable, luscious, pleasant-tasting, scrumptious, toothsome, yummy, tasty [st]
  3. [n]: Delicious, eating apple [gt], dessert apple [gt]
Derived terms:deliciously, deliciousness, golden delicious, red delicious, yellow delicious
  1. Your cake is delicious.
  2. The drinks looked cool and delicious.
  3. How delicious your dinner was!
  4. It smells delicious.
  5. The food seems very delicious.
  6. The fruit smells delicious.
  7. Ive never eaten anything as delicious as this.
  8. This dish is more delicious than that one.
  9. How delicious this fruit is!
  10. This is the most delicious apple.
  11. This bread is very delicious.
  12. The stew smells delicious.
  13. We thoroughly enjoyed the delicious meal.
  14. His aunts apple pie was delicious and he had a second helping.
  15. Looks delicious. Think Ill try some.
  16. Thanks for the delicious meal.
  17. Any dish will do if it is delicious.
  18. They serve delicious food at that restaurant.
  19. Why not try that delicious wine?
  20. Natto smells awful, but tastes delicious.
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