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Results found in English Dictionary
norunderworld [n]: demon [u], ond ånd [u]
spaunderworld [n]: demonio [m], diablo [m]
sweunderworld [n]: demon [u], ond ande [u]
  1. [n]: devil, fiend, daemon, daimon, evil spirit [gt]
  2. [n]: monster, fiend, devil, ogre, unpleasant person [gt], disagreeable person [gt]
  3. [n]: actor [gt], doer [gt], worker [gt]
Derived terms:demonetize, demoniac, demoniacal, demonology, demonstrable, demonstrate, demonstration, demonstrative, demonstrative pronoun, demonstrator, too demonstrative, pandemonium, amphibious demonstration, cacodemon, cacodemonic, counterdemonstration, counterdemonstrator, demon-ridden, demonetisation, demonetise, demonetization, demoniacally, demonic, demonisation, demonise, demonism, demonization, demonize, demonolatry, demonstrability, demonstrably, demonstrated, demonstrative of, demonstrativeness, eudemon, eudemonic, eudemonism, lecture demonstration, maxwell's demon, sales demonstrator, speed demon, undemonstrative
Wiki:A demon is a supernatural being that is generally described as a malevolent spirit; however, the original neutral connotation of the Greek word daimon does not carry the negative one that was later projected onto it, as Christianity spread. In Ancient Near Eastern religions as well as in the derived Abrahamic traditions, including ancient and medieval Christian demonology, a demon is considered an ""unclean spirit"" which may cause demonic possession, to be addressed with an act of exorcism. In Western occultism and Renaissance magic, which grew out of an amalgamation of pagan Greco-Roman, Jewish and Christian tradition, a demon is considered a spiritual entity that may be conjured and controlled.
  1. The demon lord finally lost conciousness and fell to the floor with a thud.
  2. The demon grabbed my sister and, with howling laughter, cast her into a bottomless pit.
  3. There is a demon inside of me.
  4. Hes a powerful demon.
  5. Shes a powerful demon.
  6. That kid is a little demon.
  7. Dont look at me, dont stare at me, demon, dont stare, I cant bear it!
  8. Why are you staring at me, demon?
  9. Nothing is more wretched than a man who traverses everything in a round, and pries into the things beneath the earth, as the poet says, and seeks by conjecture what is in the minds of his neighbours, without perceiving that it is sufficient to attend to the demon within him, and to reverence it sincerely.
  10. A terrible demon lives in the forest.
  11. The most dangerous demon is money.
Results found in Norwegian dictionary
engunderverden [n]: demon, evil spirit
spaunderverden [n]: demonio [m], diablo [m]
sweunderverden [n]: demon
Synonyms:Ahriman, Belsebub, den onde, djevel, faen, fande, Gamle Erik, hinmann, jækel, jævel, Lucifer, mannen med hestehoven, Mefistofeles, motstandermakt, pokker, satan, styggen
Derived terms:altfor demonstrativ, demonisk, demonlære, demonologi, demonstrant, demonstrasjon, demonstrativ, demonstrativt, demonstrativt pronomen, demontere, som kan demonteres, demonstrere, demonterbar, demontering, pandemonium, demonutdriver
Anagrams:moden, modne
Wiki:Demon (på gresk daimon, det vil si «guddom» «ånd», skrevet daemon på latin) er en betegnelse på ånder og guddommer, særlig onde, som forekommer i forskjellige religioner, myter og folketro. Det opprinnelig greske daimon-begrepet kunne i antikken betegne en halvgud, naturånd eller sjel. I kristendommen har ordet derimot blitt tatt i bruk om hedenske guder og onde åndsmakter, og demon betyr i dag først og fremst «ond ånd».
  1. Han er besatt av en demon.
  2. Hun er besatt av en demon.
  3. Den er besatt av en demon.
Results found in Swedish dictionary
engundervärld [n]: demon, evil spirit
norundervärld [n]: demon
spaundervärld [n]: demonio [m], diablo [m]
Synonyms:djävul, satan
Derived terms:alltför demonstrativ, demonisk, demonlära, demonologi, demonstrant, demonstration, demonstrativ, demonstrativt, demonstrativt pronomen, demonstrera, demontera, lättdemonterad, som kan demonteras
Wiki:Demon betecknar ibland i den grekiska litteraturen, åtminstone hos Homeros och skalderna, gudom. Särskilt angavs därmed ett slags gudaväsen av lägre ordning. I senare tid, efter Platon, tilldelas i litteraturen liksom i folktron en ""daimon"" åt var människa såsom hennes dubbelväsen eller skyddsande.
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