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norpaint [a]: glansløs, matt
performance [a]: uinspirert, livløs
work [a]: langtekkelig, trist
not bright [a]: matt, glansløs
uninteresting [a]: uinteressant, tiggerlig, trettende kjedelig, trist, uinspirerende
spapaint [a]: opaco, sin brillo
performance [a]: falto de inspiración, aburrido, sin vida, muerto
work [a]: aburrido, monótono
not bright [a]: apagado, opaco, sin brillo
uninteresting [a]: aburrido, pesado, deslucido, latoso [informal]
swepaint [a]: glanslös, matt
performance [a]: oinspirerad, livlös
work [a]: långtråkig, trist
not bright [a]: matt, glanslös
uninteresting [a]: ointressant, torftig, tråkig, trist, oinspirerande
  1. [adj]: arid [st], desiccate [st], desiccated [st], bovine [st], drab [st], dreary [st], heavy [st], leaden [st], humdrum [st], monotonous [st], lackluster [st], lacklustre [st], lusterless [st], lustreless [st], colorless [rt], colourless [rt], spiritless [rt], unanimated [rt]
  2. [adj]: flat [st], mat [st], matt [st], matte [st], matted [st], lackluster [st], lacklustre [st], lusterless [st], lustreless [st], soft [st], subdued [st], unpolished [rt]
  3. [adj]: muffled, muted, softened, soft [st]
  4. [adj]: boring, deadening, ho-hum, irksome, slow, tedious, tiresome, wearisome, uninteresting [st]
  5. [adj]: unsaturated [st]
  6. [adj]: deadened [st]
  7. [adj]: dense, dim, dumb, obtuse, slow, stupid [st]
  8. [adj]: slow, sluggish, inactive [st]
  9. [adj]: blunt [st], blunted [st], dulled [st], edgeless [st], unsharpened [st]
  10. [adj]: insensitive [st]
  11. [adj]: thudding, unreverberant [st], nonresonant [st]
  12. [adj]: grey, gray, leaden, cloudy [st]
  13. [v]: change [gt], alter [gt], modify [gt]
  14. [v]: change [gt]
  15. [v]: muffle, mute, damp, dampen, tone down, soften [gt]
  16. [v]: numb, benumb, blunt, desensitize [gt], desensitise [gt]
  17. [v]: blunt, change [gt], alter [gt], modify [gt]
  18. [v]: pall, change [gt]
  19. [v]: weaken [gt]
  1. [adj]: lively
  2. [adj]: bright
  3. [adj]: sharp
  4. [adj]: sharp
  5. [v]: sharpen
Derived terms:dullard, dullness, adrenal medulla, area of cardiac dullness, cyathea medullaris, dull-purple, dull-white, dulled, dulles, john foster dulles, medulla, medulla oblongata, medulla spinalis, medullary, medullary ray, medullary sheath, medullated, medullated nerve fiber
  1. Geometry, about which I know nothing, seems like a very dull subject.
  2. Perfection is a trifle dull.
  3. The boy was bored with home routines that were dull and unchanging.
  4. Indeed he may be a little dull, but he is diligent.
  5. Were it not for music, the world would be a dull place.
  6. If not for music, the world would be a dull place.
  7. The point of the pencil has become dull.
  8. The movie was so dull that the audience left one by one.
  9. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
  10. If it were not for sports, how dull school life would be!
  11. Television can dull our creative power.
  12. Im getting tired of the dull game.
  13. If I am dull, I am at least industrious.
  14. The latter half of the drama was a little dull.
  15. The festival was far from dull.
  16. I cant write with this dull pencil.
  17. This knife is so dull that it cant cut.
  18. Kozue thought the teachers lecture was dull, boring and endless.
  19. I have a dull ache here.
  20. The coffee enabled me to stay awake during the dull concert.
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