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normental condition [n]: kjensler [u]
feelings [n]: kjensler [u], sinnsbevegelse [u]
spamental condition [n]: sentimiento [m], emoción [f]
feelings [n]: emoción [f], patetismo [m]
swemental condition [n]: känsla [u]
feelings [n]: känsla [u], sinnesrörelse [u]
Synonyms:[n]: feeling [gt]
Derived terms:demotion, emotional, emotional behavior, emotional condition, emotional sensation, emotionally, emotionless, strained with emotion, unemotional, vent one's emotions, seized with emotion, conditioned emotion, conditioned emotional response, emotional arousal, emotional disorder, emotional disturbance, emotional person, emotional state, emotionalism, emotionality, emotionlessness, express emotion, overemotional, remotion, unemotional person, unemotionality, unemotionally
Wiki:Emotion is the complex psychophysiological experience of an individual's state of mind as interacting with biochemical (internal) and environmental (external) influences. In humans, emotion fundamentally involves ""physiological arousal, expressive behaviors, and conscious experience"". Emotion is associated with mood, temperament, personality and disposition, and motivation.
  1. So great was his emotion that he could not utter a word.
  2. Man is a creature of emotion.
  3. He heard the ill tidings without emotion.
  4. She wept with emotion.
  5. Her voice broke with emotion.
  6. Her emotion was too strong for words.
  7. She is easily moved to emotion.
  8. The emotion they gave me was exquisite, but I could not preserve it, nor could I indefinitely repeat it; the most beautiful things in the world finished by boring me.
  9. Even disaster is better than such a divorce between emotion and action.
  10. Any emotion, if it is sincere, is involuntary.
  11. Sometimes its OK to show crazy emotion.
  12. The first and the simplest emotion which we discover in the human mind is Curiosity.
  13. Tom listened to what Mary had to say without showing any emotion.
  14. The majority of mankind is lazy-minded, incurious, absorbed in vanities, and tepid in emotion, and is therefore incapable of either much doubt or much faith; and when the ordinary man calls himself a sceptic or an unbeliever, that is ordinarily a simple pose, cloaking a disinclination to think anything out to a conclusion.
  15. Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion; it is not the expression of personality, but an escape from personality.
  16. Music can be defined as the art of producing emotion by the combination of sounds.
  17. She didnt show any emotion as she spoke to him; her manner was cold and businesslike.
  18. He showed signs of great emotion.
  19. I was speechless with emotion.
  20. She was overwhelmed with emotion.
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enggeneral [?]: Emotive
norgeneral [?]: Følelsesladet
spageneral [?]: Følelsesladet
  1. känsla
  2. inlevelse, sinnesrörelse, förnimmelse, antydan, feeling, intuition
Derived terms:emotionell, emotioner
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