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Results found in English Dictionary
norperiod [n]: ens [u]
history [n]: epoke [u], ens [u], tideverv [n]
spaperiod [n]: era [f]
history [n]: época [f], período [m], era [f]
sweperiod [n]: era [u]
history [n]: epok [u], era [u], tidevarv [n]
  1. [n]: epoch, time period [gt], period of time [gt], period [gt]
  2. [n]: geological era, geological time [gt], geologic time [gt]
  3. [n]: earned run average, ERA, standard [gt], criterion [gt], measure [gt], touchstone [gt]
Derived terms:accelerate, accelerated, acceleration, accelerator, adulterate, adulteration, adulterator, aerated, aeration, after serious consideration, agglomerate, agglomeration, alcoholic beverage, alliteration, alliterative, alterability, alterable, alteration, amperage, answerable, asseverate, attorney general, Attorney General, average, be answerable to someone, be deliberately ambiguous, become generally accepted, berate, beverage, bicameral, bilateral, boomerang, boomerang effect, brigadier general, brokerage, bus operator, camera, cameraman, careful consideration, ceramic, ceramics, chemotherapy, chimaera, chimera, cholera, coelenterates, collateral, commiserate, commiseration, confederacy[Show less / more]
Wiki:An era is a commonly used word for long period of time. When used in science, for example geology, eras denote clearly defined periods of time of arbitrary but well defined length, such as for example the Mesozoic era from 252 Ma-66 Ma, delimited by a start event and an end event. When used in social history, eras may for example denote a period of some monarch's reign.
Results found in Spanish dictionary
engpasado [n]: time, times
period [n]: era
history [n]: epoch, era, period, age
norpasado [n]: tid [u]
period [n]: ens [u]
history [n]: epoke [u], ens [u], tideverv [n]
swepasado [n]: tid [u]
period [n]: era [u]
history [n]: epok [u], era [u], tidevarv [n]
  1. bancal, cuadro
  2. época, tiempo, periodo
Derived terms:a primera vista, abanderada, abanderado, abrazadera, abrigar esperanzas, abrir la cremallera de, accidente de carretera en el que el conductor se da a la fuga, acedera, aceitera, aceleración, acelerado, acelerador, acelerar, acera, acera mecánica, adinerado, adúltera, adulteración, adulterador, adulteradora, adulterar, afuera, afuera de la casa, afuera desde, afueras, aglomeración, aglomerar, aglomerarse, agua mineral, águila ratonera, aguilera, alambrera, alfarera, alfilerazo, aliteración, aliterado, alterable, alteración, alteración del orden público, alterar, amanerado, amaneramiento, amiga sincera, amoladera, amperaje, anteojeras, antera, apellido de soltera, apoderada, apoderado[Show less / more]
Results found in Swedish dictionary
engposs. determinativ - pl. - flera pers. [a]: your
poss. determinativ - pl. - flera pers. - artigt [a]: your
poss. determinativ - pl. - en person - artigt [a]: your
period [n]: era
history [n]: epoch, era, period, age
poss. pron. - pl. - artigt [o]: yours
poss. pron. - pl. [o]: yours
norposs. determinativ - pl. - flera pers. [a]: ens
spaposs. determinativ - pl. - flera pers. [a]: vuestros, vuestras
poss. determinativ - pl. - flera pers. - artigt [a]: sus
poss. determinativ - pl. - en person - artigt [a]: tus
period [n]: era [f]
history [n]: época [f], período [m], era [f]
poss. pron. - pl. - artigt [o]: suyos, suyas, de ustedes
poss. pron. - pl. [o]: vuestros, vuestras
  1. tid, tidevarv, tidsålder
  2. tidsperiod, epok
Derived terms:abdikera, abortera, absorbera, absorberad, absorberande, abstraherad, acceleration, accelerera, accelererad, accentuera, accentuerad, acceptera, accepterande, acklimatisera sig, ackommodera sig, ackreditera, ackrediterad, ackumulera, ackumulerad, ackumuleras, addera, adderad, administrera, adoptera, adopterad, adressera, adressera om, adstringerande, affektera, affekterad, affekterat sätt, affirmera, agera, agglomeration, agglutinera, agitera emot, agitera för, agitera mot, ajournera, aktivera, aktivera försäljningen, alarmerande, allierad, allitteration, allittererande, allmänpraktiserande läkare, allmänt accepterad, alternera, alternerande, amalgamera[Show less / more]
Wiki:Era, ibland omnämnd tideräkning, kallas den näst största tidsenheten som används inom den geologiska tidsskalan, och ingår i en eon. En era kan i sin tur delas in i flera perioder. Inom typer av tideräkning som utgår från en fix tidpunkt - till exempel årtalsräkning eller tidshantering i datorer - kallas denna utgångspunkt för epok, och systemet för numrering utifrån den - som exempel i Holocenkalendern - kallas för era.
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