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norgeneral [a]: eksperimentell
testing [a]: forsøks-
empirical [a]: empirisk, erfaringsmessig
spageneral [a]: experimental
testing [a]: piloto [invariable]
empirical [a]: empírico, experimental
swegeneral [a]: experimentell
testing [a]: försöks-
empirical [a]: empirisk, erfarenhetsmässig
  1. [adj]: inquiry, enquiry, research [rt]
  2. [adj]: data-based, observational, empirical [st], empiric [st]
  3. [adj]: empirical [st], empiric [st]
Derived terms:experimental animal, experimental condition, experimental extinction, experimental method, experimental procedure, experimental psychology, experimental variable, experimentalism, experimentally
  1. We deal here with Emmets dyad style first presented in his experimental works in the late sixties.
  2. There must be a defect in the experimental method.
  3. Something is wrong with the experimental apparatus.
  4. The first point that requires clarification is that the design was purely experimental.
  5. Our experimental results left something to be desired.
  6. What did the experimental set-up look like? What was connected to what and how?
  7. Youth is wholly experimental.
  8. What would happen if two powerful nations with different languages - such as United States and China - would agree upon the experimental teaching of Esperanto in elementary schools?
  9. Im going to analyze the experimental results, and write a report.
  10. It is a very experimental play.
  11. Since the drug company had selected only favourable or neutral research reports to submit to the government for approval, and had failed to disclose any data from those studies which had shown the experimental drug to be harmful, the company was perceived to be unethical, and many lawyers believed that lawsuits were now in the offing.
Results found in Spanish dictionary
enggeneral [a]: experimental
empírico [a]: empirical, experiential, experimental
norgeneral [a]: eksperimentell
empírico [a]: empirisk, erfaringsmessig
swegeneral [a]: experimentell
empírico [a]: empirisk, erfarenhetsmässig
  1. empírico, positivo, práctico, real
  2. vivencial, personal, vivido
  1. ¿Qué pasaría si dos países poderosos con diferentes idiomas - tal como los Estados Unidos y China - aceptaran la enseñanza experimental del esperanto en las escuelas primarias?
  2. El primer punto que requiere aclaración es que el diseño fue puramente experimental.
  3. La juventud es plenamente experimental.
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