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noraccumulated [a]: akkumulert, samlet, hopspart, forsamlet, hopsamlet
spaaccumulated [a]: acumulado, amontonado, juntado, reunido
sweaccumulated [a]: ackumulerad, samlad, hopsparad, församlad, hopsamlad
  1. [adj]: deepened, concentrated [st]
  2. [adj]: collected
antonyms:[adj]: ungathered ,uncollected
Derived terms:gathered skirt, ungathered
  1. The students gathered at the call of the principal.
  2. The top favorites of each section were gathered together.
  3. We gathered all the books together and put them in the spare room.
  4. A big crowd gathered at the scene of the fire.
  5. It made my mothers day when all the family gathered and had a party.
  6. Thousands of people gathered there.
  7. A lot of children gathered in the garden.
  8. Dozens of students gathered there.
  9. The novelist gathered materials for his work.
  10. He gathered his toys together.
  11. A variety of people gathered at the meeting.
  12. The journalist took liberties with the facts he had gathered.
  13. Jane had hardly entered the room when the students gathered around her.
  14. I gathered from this letter that he was angry.
  15. As many as fifty students gathered to hear his lecture.
  16. A crowd soon gathered around the fire engine.
  17. A crowd soon gathered around him.
  18. The mob gathered round the car like so many flies.
  19. A crowd gathered to see the fire.
  20. A crowd gathered at the scene.
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