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norbrightness [n]: glans [u]
beauty care [n]: leppeglans [n]
face [n]: rosa farge [u]
commentary [n]: kommentar [u], redegjørelse [u], uttalende [n], anmerkninger [up]
pretense [n]: forkledning [u], fasade [u], mark [u]
spabrightness [n]: brillo [m]
beauty care [n]: lápiz labial [m]
face [n]: brillo [m]
commentary [n]: comentario [m], observación [f], glosa [f], exposición [f]
pretense [n]: apariencia [f], fachada [f], máscara [f]
swebrightness [n]: glans [u]
beauty care [n]: läppglans [n]
face [n]: rosig färg [u]
commentary [n]: kommentar [u], redogörelse [u], uttalande [n], anmärkningar [up]
pretense [n]: förklädnad [u], fasad [u], mask [u]
  1. [n]: rubric, explanation [gt], account [gt]
  2. [n]: glossary, wordbook [gt]
  3. [n]: polish, glossiness, burnish, radiance [gt], radiancy [gt], shine [gt], effulgence [gt], refulgence [gt], refulgency [gt], smoothness [gt]
  4. [n]: semblance, color, colour, appearance [gt], visual aspect [gt]
  5. [v]: polish [gt], smooth [gt], smoothen [gt], shine [gt], gloss over [rt], gloss over [rt]
  6. [v]: comment, annotate, rede [gt], interpret [gt]
  7. [v]: translate [gt], interpret [gt], render [gt]
  8. [v]: color, colour, apologize [gt], apologise [gt], excuse [gt], justify [gt], rationalize [gt], rationalise [gt]
Derived terms:glossary, glossiness, glossy, glossy magazine, lip gloss, make glossy, unglossed, acute glossitis, androglossia, ankyloglossia, bugloss, chronic glossitis, coeloglossum, coeloglossum bracteatum, coeloglossum viride, cynoglossidae, cynoglossum, cynoglossum amabile, cynoglossum officinale, cynoglossum virginaticum, discoglossidae, drymoglossum, family cynoglossidae, family discoglossidae, family geoglossaceae, family glossinidae, family ophioglossaceae, family rhiptoglossa, family tachyglossidae, geglossaceae, genus coeloglossum, genus cynoglossum, genus drymoglossum, genus geoglossum, genus glossina, genus glossodia, genus glossopsitta, genus himantoglossum, genus hippoglossoides, genus hippoglossus, genus leptoglossus, genus odontoglossum, genus ophioglossum, genus salpiglossis, genus tachyglossus, genus trichoglossus, genus zaglossus, geoglossaceae, geoglossum, gloss over, [Show less / more]
Wiki:A gloss is a brief notation of the meaning of a word or wording in a text. It may be in the language of the text, or in the reader's language if that is different. A collection of glosses is a glossary.
Example:USE SOMETHING WITH SOME GLOSS TO I|Wipe that little gloss off you.|And, you know, even without the makeup and the gloss and all my magic you've never looked more beautiful than you do now.|You can only put on so much lip gloss, princess!|I've been silent too long to gloss over the facts.|I tried to gloss things over a little in my letters.|Lip gloss.|I'm wearing lip gloss.
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