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nortrade [n]: varer [up], gods [n]
spatrade [n]: mercancías [fp]
swetrade [n]: varor [up], gods [n]
Derived terms:bulk goods, dry goods, goods sold in a men's outfitter's store, stolen goods, baked goods, consumer goods, bill of goods, canned goods, deliver the goods, drygoods, durable goods, fancy goods, get the goods, green goods, packaged goods, piece goods, soft goods, sporting goods, tinned goods, use of goods and services, white goods, worldly goods, yard goods
  1. We deal in silk goods.
  2. We bought the goods at $3 a dozen.
  3. The summer goods are now on sale.
  4. Any goods can be supplied at a days notice.
  5. There was a glut of cotton goods due to cheap imports.
  6. Of course, neither goods nor mailing fee returned.
  7. A 5% consumption tax is levied on purchases of most goods and services.
  8. Ms Mizuta likes that Buska character so much, last time she happened by a store that had Buska goods, she homed in on them and bought one on the spot.
  9. How can we buy British goods?
  10. It is a system of direct exchange of goods.
  11. And not only that, the goods in the company shop were usually more expensive than elsewhere.
  12. I buy the goods at $3 a dozen.
  13. The goods were entered to her.
  14. They sell imported goods at the shop.
  15. The shop carried leather goods.
  16. The shop sells a variety of goods.
  17. They marked the damaged goods down by 40%.
  18. The thief was traced by the stolen goods.
  19. People, goods and money are all free to move across national borders in the region.
  20. The goods will be delivered free of charge.
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