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nordevelopment [a]: gradvis
spadevelopment [a]: gradual
swedevelopment [a]: gradvis
  1. [adj]: bit-by-bit [st], in small stages [st], piecemeal [st], step-by-step [st], stepwise [st], gradational [st], gradatory [st], graduated [st], slow [rt]
  2. [adj]: easy [st], gentle [st], sloping [st], inclined [rt]
  3. [n]: antiphon [gt], antiphony [gt]
  1. [adj]: sudden
  2. [adj]: steep
Derived terms:gradually, stop gradually, graduality, gradualness
Wiki:The Gradual is a chant in the Roman Catholic Mass and Lutheran Divine Service. In the Tridentine Mass it was and is sung after the reading or chanting of the Epistle and before the Alleluia, or, during penitential seasons, before the Tract. In the Mass of Paul VI the gradual corresponds to the Responsorial Psalm.
  1. Your English has made gradual progress.
  2. Computers caused a great, if gradual, change.
  3. The gradual ruin of our country has to be stopped.
  4. Its a gradual thing.
  5. Conversion was peaceful and gradual.
  6. Theres a gradual disappearing of the power of the British Empire.
  7. The spiritual journey does not consist of arriving at a new destination where a person gains what he did not have, or becomes what he is not. It consists in the dissipation of ones own ignorance concerning ones self and life, and gradual growth of that understanding, which begins a spiritual awakening. The finding of God is coming to ones self.
Results found in Spanish dictionary
engdesarrollo [a]: gradual, progressive
nordesarrollo [a]: gradvis
swedesarrollo [a]: gradvis
  1. escalonado, paulatino, progresivo, sucesivo, continuo, graduado
  2. lento, sosegado, pausado, tranquilo, cachazudo, calmoso, moroso, paulatino, premioso, tardo, flemático, pánfilo, parsimonioso, pachorrudo
Derived terms:apagarse gradualmente, disminución gradual, eliminar gradualmente, gradualmente, regulador gradual
Wiki:El gradual es un canto en la misa católica, que se canta o se lee después de la Epístola y antes del aleluya, o, durante el tiempo de la cuaresma, antes del tracto. Gradual también puede referirse a un libro que recoge todos los temas musicales de la misa; en latín se le llama Graduale Romanum. La forma usual del gradual es una respuesta en solitario con un solo verso, aunque una repetición final de la respuesta se encontró en el Renacimiento y aún se permite en el Liber Usualis.
  1. La conversión fue pacífica y gradual.
  2. La gradual ruina de nuestro país debe ser detenida.
  3. La evolución es un proceso lento y gradual.
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