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norgeneral [a]: viktigere
quantity [a]: større
quantity [o]: større
spageneral [a]: más importante, mayor
quantity [a]: mayor
quantity [o]: mayor
swegeneral [a]: viktigare
quantity [a]: större
quantity [o]: större
antonyms:[adj]: lesser
Derived terms:be greater then, make greater, greater than, greater antilles, greater burdock, greater butterfly orchid, greater celandine, greater knapweed, greater kudu, greater london, greater masterwort, greater new orleans bridge, greater new york, greater omentum, greater pectoral muscle, greater peritoneal sac, greater pichiciego, greater prairie chicken, greater rhomboid muscle, greater scaup, greater spearwort, greater stitchwort, greater sunda islands, greater water parsnip, greater whitethroat, greater yellowlegs, to a greater extent
  1. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.
  2. The sooner you give up, the greater the benefits.
  3. As a rule, the more fundamental a new truth, the greater will be its practical possibilities.
  4. Are you creating for us a future world where there is a greater danger of skin cancer, weakened bodies, less food and fewer plants and animals?
  5. The population of London is much greater than that of any other British city.
  6. Mozart was greater than any other composer of his time.
  7. Television has the advantage of providing sports fans with greater convenience.
  8. It revived with even greater vigor.
  9. The city revived with greater vigor.
  10. The greater part of the money was spent.
  11. Their influence becomes greater every day, but they are uncreative and cant make value judgements.
  12. These goods are greater in quantity than in quality.
  13. The area of Canada is greater than that of the United States.
  14. Also, there is a greater risk of accidents.
  15. The chances of success are greater if the business man knows the ropes, and also has more funds at his disposal.
  16. You shall see greater things than that.
  17. Ill give you our answer after we go into your proposal in greater detail.
  18. The seals surface more frequently then, so a bears chance of catching one at a breathing hole is greater after nightfall.
  19. The speed of light is much greater than that of sound.
  20. What greater misfortune is there than to go blind?
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