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norsports - horse racing [n]: rytterkonkurranse [up]
spasports - horse racing [n]: gymkhana [f]
swesports - horse racing [n]: ryttartävlingar [up]
Synonyms:[n]: meet [gt], sports meeting [gt]
Wiki:Gymkhana is a typical Anglo-Indian expression, which is derived from the Hindi-Urdu word for ""racket court,"" is an Indian term which originally referred to a place where sporting events take place. The meaning then altered to denote a place where skill-based contests were held. In India, the term gymkhana is commonly used to refer to a gymnasium.
Results found in Spanish dictionary
engdeportes - hipismo [n]: gymkhana
nordeportes - hipismo [n]: rytterkonkurranse [up]
swedeportes - hipismo [n]: ryttartävlingar [up]
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