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noraccent [a]: tykk, sterk, utpreget
intense [a]: sterk
turbid [a]: tykk, tett
duty [a]: sterk storm
weight [a]: tung
food [a]: tung, mektig, svært tungfordøyelig
feelings [a]: beklemt, betrykt
spaaccent [a]: fuerte, marcado
intense [a]: fuerte
turbid [a]: denso, espeso
duty [a]: gravoso, pesado
weight [a]: pesado, de mucho peso
food [a]: pesado, indigesto
feelings [a]: oprimido, penoso, agobiado
sweaccent [a]: tjock, stark, utpräglad
intense [a]: stark
turbid [a]: tjock, tät
duty [a]: svår
weight [a]: tung
food [a]: tung, mäktig, svårsmält
feelings [a]: beklämd, betryckt
  1. [adj]: dense [st], doughy [st], soggy [st], heavier-than-air [st], hefty [st], massive [st], non-buoyant [st], ponderous [st]
  2. [adj]: harsh [st]
  3. [adj]: burdensome [st], onerous [st], taxing [st], distressing [st], distressful [st], disturbing [st], perturbing [st], troubling [st], worrisome [st], worrying [st], leaden [st], weighted [st], oppressive [st], weighty [st]
  4. [adj]: fleshy, overweight, fat [st]
  5. [adj]: clayey, cloggy, compact [st]
  6. [adj]: lowering, sullen, threatening, cloudy [st]
  7. [adj]: big [st]
  8. [adj]: wicked [st]
  9. [adj]: dense, impenetrable, thick [st]
  10. [adj]: thick [st]
  11. [adj]: thick [st]
  12. [adj]: big, intemperate [st]
  13. [adj]: sonorous, full [st]
  14. [adj]: intemperate, hard, indulgent [st]
  15. [adj]: grave, grievous, weighty, important [st], of import [st]
  16. [adj]: lumbering, ponderous, heavy-footed [st]
  17. [adj]: heavy-duty [st]
  18. [adj]: indigestible [st]
  19. [adj]: steep [st]
  20. [adj]: weighed down, full [st]
  21. [adj]: labored, laboured, effortful [st]
  22. [adj]: arduous, backbreaking, grueling, gruelling, hard, laborious, operose, punishing, toilsome, effortful [st]
  23. [adj]: leaden, dull [st]
  24. [adj]: profound, sound, wakeless, deep [st]
  25. [adj]: big, enceinte, expectant, gravid, great, large, with child, pregnant [st]
  26. [n]: actor [gt], histrion [gt], player [gt], thespian [gt], role player [gt]
  27. [n]: character [gt], role [gt], theatrical role [gt], part [gt], persona [gt]
  28. [adv]: heavily
  1. [adj]: light
  2. [adj]: light
  3. [adj]: light
  4. [adj]: light
  5. [adj]: light
  6. [adj]: light
Derived terms:heavy hydrogen, heavy industry, heavy water, heavy-duty, heavy-eyed, heavy-handed, heavy-hearted, heavy-laden, heavyset, heavyweight, light heavyweight, make heavy demands on, thick and heavy, too heavy, heavy-set, heavy-armed, heavy-coated, heavy-footed, heavy-limbed, heavy cream, heavy hitter, heavy lifting, heavy metal, heavy particle, heavy spar, heavy swell, heavy weapon, heavy whipping cream, heavyhearted, heavyheartedness, super heavyweight, top-heavy
  1. Im glad we didnt go there because there were some localized heavy rain showers.
  2. I was drenched to the skin because of the heavy rain.
  3. A heavy snow fell in Kyoto for the first time in ages.
  4. The closing of school was due to the heavy snow.
  5. Most people killed by smoking were not heavy smokers.
  6. The train was delayed because of heavy snowfall.
  7. Corporate political donations are coming under heavy scrutiny.
  8. The load was too heavy for a driver to carry alone.
  9. The rivers were flooded by the heavy rain.
  10. The king imposed heavy taxes on the people.
  11. The king imposed heavy taxes on his people.
  12. Besides the rain, we experienced heavy winds.
  13. A heavy rain began to fall.
  14. In spite of the heavy rain, he decided to go out.
  15. On the one hand we suffered a heavy loss, but on the other hand we learned a great deal from the experience.
  16. The clothes soaked in water overnight were heavy.
  17. My stomach feels heavy.
  18. If you had left a little earlier, you would have avoided the heavy traffic.
  19. The missile attack took a heavy toll of lives.
  20. The heavy snow kept us from going out.
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