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norcharacter [a]: beskjeden, uprentensiøs
spacharacter [a]: humilde, modesto
swecharacter [a]: blygsam, anspråkslös
  1. [adj]: low, lowly, modest, small, inferior [st]
  2. [adj]: broken [st], crushed [st], humbled [st], humiliated [st], low [st], meek [st], mild [st], modest [st], modest [rt]
  3. [adj]: menial, lowly, unskilled [st]
  4. [adj]: base, baseborn, lowly, lowborn [st]
  5. [v]: change [gt], alter [gt], modify [gt]
  6. [v]: humiliate, mortify, chagrin, abase, hurt [gt], wound [gt], injure [gt], bruise [gt], offend [gt], spite [gt]
antonyms:[adj]: proud
Derived terms:humblebee, unhumble, humble plant, humbled, humbleness
  1. Luciano, the underdog in the match, will be trying to make the champ eat humble pie.
  2. Be it ever so humble, theres no place like home.
  3. No matter how humble it is, theres no place like home.
  4. However humble it is, there is no place like home.
  5. Be it ever so humble, home is home.
  6. Let it be ever so humble, there is no place like home.
  7. Please accept my humble apologies.
  8. The humble man is getting along with his neighbors.
  9. No matter how humble it may be, home is home.
  10. I was charmed with it, adopted it, dropped my abrupt contradiction and positive argumentation, and put on the humble inquirer and doubter.
  11. I am just a humble teacher.
  12. From a humble background, John achieved worldwide fame.
  13. Defeat and failure make people too humble.
  14. He is humble about his opinion.
  15. His humble background parallels that of his predecessor.
  16. Hes quite humble man in spite of all hes achieved.
  17. He is humble towards everyone.
  18. A humble-looking old man was presented to the king.
  19. Last time I sent out my humble work, the afterword to left-right, written on the promise that youd keep it secret from him, this time its the afterword to that afterword.
  20. I feel it unfortunate that there is little of this kind of humble attitude amongst Japanese debaters.
Results found in Norwegian dictionary
engentomologi [n]: bumblebee, humblebee
agriculture [n]: hop
spaentomologi [n]: abejorro [m]
agriculture [n]: lúpulo [m]
sweentomologi [n]: humla
  1. Efter at også denne gruppen ble oppløst, prøvde Marriott seg på en gjenforening av Small Faces, og da det ikke fungerte, en gjenforening av Humble Pie.
  2. Marriott sluttet i 1968, overlot mikrofonen til Rod Stewart, og dannet året efter Humble Pie sammen med folk fra Herd og Spooky Tooth.
  3. Riktig gøy blir det 8. oktober, for da blir det mulighet for å se og høre sangeren fra Small Faces og Humble Pie - Steve Marriott.
  4. Australske firmaer vil ikke godta dårlig service eller dårlig kvalitet, eller at firmaer ikke følger opp, sier Carolyn Humble.
  5. Carolyn Humble, Norges Eksportråds representant i Australia.
  6. Carolyn Humble understreker det samme som Amundsen.
  7. Når så Saga Siglar, med alle den reklame dette kan gi Norge, følger opp, har vi en enestående chanse til å bryte ukjenthetens mur i Australia, sier Carolyn Humble.
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