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norsize [a]: kolossal, kjempelik, enorm, veldig, gigantisk, titanisk
degree [a]: umåtelig
spasize [a]: colosal, enorme, tremendo, inmenso, gigantesco, descomunal, vasto
degree [a]: inmenso
swesize [a]: kolossal, jättelik, enorm, väldig, gigantisk, titanisk
degree [a]: ofantlig
Synonyms:[adj]: huge, vast, Brobdingnagian, large [st], big [st]
Derived terms:immensely, immenseness
  1. Technology has given us immense power.
  2. An immense monument was erected in honor of the eminent philosopher.
  3. An immense monument was erected in honor of the noble patriot.
  4. That play was an immense success.
  5. This is an immense show.
  6. Thus the matter was settled to the immense relief of everyone.
  7. The newcomers cultivated the immense wilderness.
  8. He crossed the immense pacific on a raft.
  9. He left an immense fortune to his children.
  10. She seems to take immense pleasure in playing with children.
  11. Shouldnt we make our fields - our entire life - an immense work of art in four dimensions?
  12. Every chord, every harmony, every discordant note fills me with immense joy.
  13. The earthquake caused a tsunami of immense size.
  14. Sailors spend weeks or months in the immense ocean.
  15. I flood myself with light of the immense.
  16. If the study of foreign languages is pursued in depth, so as to improve the mind, then it requires an immense amount of time. If it is superficial, it adds nothing to intellectual development.
  17. They just have immense faith in each other which makes their relationship perfect.
  18. Brazil is very rich; its richness is immense; coffee is one of its greatest riches.
  19. And below, the princess saw an immense city shone with millions lights. The three travellers descended there, unseen by anyone.
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