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norgeneral [a]: uunnvikelig
spageneral [a]: inevitable
swegeneral [a]: oundviklig
  1. [adj]: fatal [st], fateful [st], ineluctable [st], inescapable [st], unavoidable [st], necessary [st]
  2. [adj]: predictable [st]
  3. [n]: destiny [gt], fate [gt]
antonyms:[adj]: evitable
Derived terms:inevitable accident, inevitableness
  1. It is inevitable that I go to France someday, I just dont know when.
  2. As long as there are sovereign nations possessing great power, war is inevitable.
  3. The Foreign Minister said that war was inevitable.
  4. The industrialist found a wealthy financier to help him weather the storm which was inevitable.
  5. Abide by the inevitable.
  6. However, I cant help noticing, at this moment, that at first glance it seems inevitable that the shark will devour the man.
  7. This appears to have been inevitable.
  8. Under the circumstances, bankruptcy is inevitable.
  9. Accidents are inevitable.
  10. As a matter of fact, bankruptcy is inevitable.
  11. War is not inevitable.
  12. To many, change seems inevitable.
  13. It was inevitable that they would meet.
  14. It is inevitable even if he is criticized.
  15. It is inevitable that some changes will take place.
  16. Their meeting was inevitable.
  17. Overtaxed heart, kidneys and liver are inevitable results of too much food.
  18. I didnt sleep much yesterday, so it was inevitable that I was sleepy all day today.
  19. As people are still generally insufficiently educated, wars are still inevitable.
  20. It was inevitable for us to lose.
Results found in Spanish dictionary
enggeneral [a]: inevitable, ineluctable [formal], unavoidable
norgeneral [a]: uunnvikelig, ufravikelig
swegeneral [a]: oundviklig, ofrånkomlig
  1. automático, maquinal, espontáneo, involuntario, inconsciente, instintivo, necesario, forzoso, obligatorio
  2. indefectible, infalible, seguro, cierto, evidente
  3. fatal, forzoso, inapelable, ineludible, inexcusable, insalvable, irremediable, necesario, obligatorio, preciso
Derived terms:inevitablemente
  1. Es inevitable que yo vaya a Francia algún día, sólo que no sé cuándo.
  2. La guerra no es inevitable.
  3. No tenemos más nada que ver uno con el otro. La separación es inevitable.
  4. Este problema es inevitable.
  5. Es inevitable que tengan lugar algunos cambios.
  6. Su encuentro era inevitable.
  7. Era inevitable que perdiéramos.
  8. El devenir del caos es inevitable.
  9. La caída del imperio era inevitable.
  10. La ruina es inevitable.
  11. En cuanto hayan naciones soberanas en posesión de un gran poder, la guerra es inevitable.
  12. El Ministro de Asuntos Exteriores dijo que la guerra era inevitable.
  13. Atente a lo inevitable.
  14. Esto parece haber sido inevitable.
  15. Como sea, no puedo dejar de notar que en este momento, a primera vista parece inevitable que el tiburón devore al hombre.
  16. Bajo las circunstancias, la bancarrota es inevitable.
  17. De hecho, la bancarrota es inevitable.
  18. Para muchos, el cambio parece inevitable.
  19. Aun si lo critican, es inevitable.
  20. Es inevitable que haya tenido sueño todo el día si anoche no dormí mucho.
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