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noridea [a]: vansinnig
psychiatry [a]: vansinnig, gal, sinnssyk, tullete, sinnssprø, psykotisk
crazy [a]: gal, tullete, forrykt
spaidea [a]: insensato, loco, absurdo
psychiatry [a]: loco, demente, insensato, trastornado, desquiciado
crazy [a]: loco, chiflado [informal], chalado [informal]
sweidea [a]: vansinnig
psychiatry [a]: vansinnig, galen, sinnessjuk, tokig, sinnesrubbad, psykotisk
crazy [a]: galen, tokig, förryckt
  1. [adj]: amuck [st], amok [st], berserk [st], demoniac [st], demoniacal [st], possessed [st], balmy [st], barmy [st], bats [st], batty [st], bonkers [st], buggy [st], cracked [st], crackers [st], daft [st], dotty [st], fruity [st], haywire [st], kooky [st], kookie [st], loco [st], loony [st], loopy [st], nuts [st], nutty [st], round the bend [st], around the bend [st], wacky [st], whacky [st], brainsick [st], crazy [st], demented [st], distracted [st], disturbed [st], mad [st], sick [st], unbalanced [st], unhinged [st], certifiable [st], certified [st], crackbrained [st], idiotic [st], crazed [st], deranged (simila
  2. [adj]: harebrained, mad, foolish [st]
Derived terms:declared insane, insaneness, insane asylum, insanely
  1. Hamlet acts as if he were insane.
  2. He went insane from the unhappy accident.
  3. The man must be insane.
  4. She was released on the grounds that she was insane.
  5. I have been more than once intoxicated, my passions have always bordered on extravagance: I am not ashamed to confess it; for I have learned, by my own experience, that all extraordinary men, who have accomplished great and astonishing actions, have ever been decried by the world as drunken or insane.
  6. That old man must be insane.
  7. She drives me totally insane.
  8. Thats insane! Your mom speaks six languages?
  9. This world is just an insane asylum.
  10. Charles Guiteau was insane.
  11. The gunman was found to be insane.
  12. That is insane. Only a fool would believe that.
  13. Are you insane?
  14. People said that he is insane.
  15. No one dances sober, unless he is insane.
  16. To cite usage against rule, in a constructed language, is insane.
  17. Society is an insane asylum run by the inmates.
  18. This is an institution for the criminally insane.
  19. Those folks are insane!
  20. That is insane.
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