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nororganization [n]: institusjon [u]
habit [n]: institusjon [u]
spaorganization [n]: institución [f]
habit [n]: institución [f]
sweorganization [n]: institution [u]
habit [n]: institution [u]
  1. [n]: establishment, organization [gt], organisation [gt]
  2. [n]: establishment [gt]
  3. [n]: custom [gt], tradition [gt]
  4. [n]: initiation, founding, foundation, origination, creation, innovation, introduction, instauration, beginning [gt], start [gt], commencement [gt]
  5. [n]: mental hospital, psychiatric hospital, mental institution, mental home, insane asylum, asylum, hospital [gt], infirmary [gt]
Derived terms:institutional, institutionalize, correctional institution, depository financial institution, educational institution, financial institution, institutionalise, institutionalised, institutionalized, lending institution, medical institution, mental institution, nondepository financial institution, noninstitutional, noninstitutionalised, noninstitutionalized, penal institution, thrift institution
Wiki:An institution is any structure or mechanism of social order and cooperation governing the behavior of a set of individuals within a given human community. Institutions are identified with a social purpose and permanence, transcending individual human lives and intentions, and with the making and enforcing of rules governing cooperative human behavior. The term ""institution"" is commonly applied to customs and behavior patterns important to a society, as well as to particular formal organizations of government and public service.
  1. The institution must be protected.
  2. The institution advertised on TV for volunteers.
  3. The institution was established in the late 1960s.
  4. That institution must be protected.
  5. This institution came into being after the war.
  6. The coffee break is an American institution.
  7. The institution of marriage appears to be on the decline.
  8. Each society has a different institution.
  9. Writing new years cards is a Japanese institution.
  10. All persons shall have full and free liberty of religious opinion; nor shall any be compelled to frequent or maintain any religious institution.
  11. Everyday conversational interaction is an institution in its own right.
  12. In the heart of the city, there is an institution having a golden history.
  13. This is an institution for the criminally insane.
  14. A serious linguistic institution wont ever censure a translation, it does not matter how dirty or rude it feels when reading it.
  15. Were these six months of full time studies at your current educational institution?
  16. The Royal House is an ancient institution.
  17. After experiencing several acute psychotic episodes, Mary was admitted to a mental institution.
  18. Tom was committed to an institution for the insane.
  19. Tom is in a mental institution.
Results found in Swedish dictionary
engorganization [n]: institution
sedvänja [n]: institution
nororganization [n]: institusjon
spaorganization [n]: institución [f]
sedvänja [n]: institución [f]
Derived terms:institutionalisera, institutionell
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