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Results found in English Dictionary
norgeneral [a]: intelligent, skarpsinnet
spageneral [a]: inteligente
swegeneral [a]: intelligent, skarpsinnig
  1. [adj]: agile [st], nimble [st], alert [st], apt [st], clever [st], brainy [st], brilliant [st], smart as a whip [st], bright [st], smart [st], natural [st], born [st], innate [st], quick [st], ready [st], prehensile [st], scintillating [st], searching [st], trenchant [st], precocious [rt], smart [rt]
  2. [adj]: well-informed, sophisticated [st]
  3. [adj]: healthy, levelheaded, level-headed, sound, reasonable [st], sensible [st]
  4. [adj]: reasoning, thinking, rational [st]
antonyms:[adj]: unintelligent
Derived terms:intelligentsia, intelligently, unintelligent, unintelligently
  1. It is not the strongest of the species that survive, not the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.
  2. The habits of highly intelligent people offer a clue as to how to do that.
  3. Mary is both intelligent and kind.
  4. Dr. Patterson: Not at all! Koko has taught us that gorillas are intelligent enough to learn sign language.
  5. Tom is so intelligent that he stands out in class.
  6. The chimpanzee is an intelligent creature, capable of solving simple problems.
  7. The man is intelligent and industrious.
  8. Susan is intelligent, and I expect her to pass the exam easily.
  9. Jack is the most intelligent boy in the class.
  10. The dolphin is a very intelligent animal.
  11. The dolphin is an intelligent and playful creature.
  12. Some scientists think that dolphins are the most intelligent animals in the world except for man, and that we may be able to talk with them one day.
  13. What makes one person more intelligent than another?
  14. The fundamental cause of the trouble is that in the modern world the stupid are cocksure while the intelligent are full of doubt.
  15. Compared with his brother, he is not so intelligent.
  16. We adults shouldnt destroy the intelligent and creative capacity of children.
  17. It appeared to me that he was very intelligent.
  18. I am not more intelligent than him.
  19. Can there be a computer intelligent enough to tell a joke?
  20. Are people born intelligent or stupid, or is intelligence the result of how you live?
Results found in Norwegian dictionary
enggeneral [a]: intelligent
spageneral [a]: inteligente
swegeneral [a]: intelligent
  1. abstrakt, akademisk, allmenngyldig, begrepsmessig, bestemt, fjern (muntlig mening), forstandig, hypotetisk, ikke konkret, logisk, nonfigurativ, sikker, spekulativ, tankemessig, tankeskapt, teoretisk, ubetinget, åndelig
  2. begavet, et lyst hode, evnerik, fornuftig, gløgg, ikke født i går, intellektuell, klartenkt, klok, kløktig, lur, oppegående, oppfinnsom, opplyst, oppvakt, skarp (muntlig mening), skarpsindig, smart, snedig, våken (muntlig mening)
Derived terms:intelligentsia, uintelligent, intelligent person
  1. Men lytte opp! Intelligens er sexy, og man virker ikke spesielt intelligent når man setter skrivefeil.
  2. Maria tror, at Tom er ikke veldig intelligent.
  3. Maria føler seg ikke intelligent nok.
Results found in Swedish dictionary
enggeneral [a]: intelligent
norgeneral [a]: intelligent
spageneral [a]: inteligente
  1. skarp, skicklig, smart, talangfull, klyftig
  2. vettig, klipsk, förnuftig, insiktsfull, förståndig, vis
  3. skarpsinnig, slug, klok, begåvad, listig
  4. genial, kunnig, finurlig, intellektuell, snille, briljant, högt IQ, fiffig, slipad, vass, skärpt, snillrik
Derived terms:intelligentsia, ointelligent
  1. Hon är intelligent.
  2. Han ser inte ut som en intelligent pojke.
  3. Jag fann honom extremt intelligent.
  4. Han är intelligent.
  5. Delfinen är ett mycket intelligent djur.
  6. Hon är intelligent och vacker.
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