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norextramarital affair - man [n]: elsker [u]
extramarital affair - woman [n]: elskerinne [u]
love - man [n]: elskling [u], guttevenn [u], kjæreste [u]
love - woman [n]: elskling [u], fast kjæreste [u], kvinnelig kjæreste [u]
spaextramarital affair - man [n]: amante [m]
extramarital affair - woman [n]: amante [f]
love - man [n]: enamorado [m], amante [m], novio [m]
love - woman [n]: amor [m], amante [f], novia [f]
sweextramarital affair - man [n]: älskare [u]
extramarital affair - woman [n]: älskarinna [u]
love - man [n]: älskling [u], pojkvän [u], käraste [u]
love - woman [n]: älskling [u], flickvän [u], käresta [u]
  1. [n]: person [gt], individual [gt], someone [gt], somebody [gt], mortal [gt], soul [gt]
  2. [n]: fan, buff, devotee, follower [gt]
  3. [n]: domestic partner [gt], significant other [gt], spousal equivalent [gt], spouse equivalent [gt]
Derived terms:clover, cloverleaf, four-leaf clover, plover, pullover, four-leaved clover, lover of, allover, alpine clover, bird's foot clover, book lover, booklover, buffalo clover, bush clover, calvary clover, clover-leaf roll, clover-root, clover fern, cloveroot, crimson clover, dutch clover, golden plover, greek clover, green plover, holy clover, hop clover, italian clover, jap clover, japan clover, japanese clover, killdeer plover, lover's knot, loverlike, loverly, lovers' knot, music lover, musk clover, nonesuch clover, paloverde, pin clover, piping plover, plover-like, purple clover, red clover, rollover, spillover, stilt plover, stinking clover, sweet clover, true lover's knot, [Show less / more]
  1. I have been a lover of sports since I was young.
  2. I am a lover of the beautiful.
  3. He is a lover of sports.
  4. He is a great lover of music.
  5. Hes what society calls a real lover of music.
  6. He is an ardent music lover.
  7. She waited for her lover at the station.
  8. Yuriko thoroughly enjoyed her occasional secret meetings with her lover.
  9. I love cats so much, I cant help it, Im a crazy cat lover.
  10. That woman is by nature intended to obey is shown by the fact that every woman who is placed in the unnatural position of absolute independence at once attaches herself to some kind of man, by whom she is controlled and governed; this is because she requires a master. If she, is young, the man is a lover; if she is old, a priest.
  11. My lover doesnt love me.
  12. I can think of him as a very good friend, but I cant think of him as a lover.
  13. I am a lover of liberty. I will not and I cannot serve a party.
  14. My lover works at a language school and loves it very much.
  15. She was seen at a restaurant with her lover.
  16. Even though a daughter rarely likes her mothers lover, a mother always has a certain attraction for her daughters lover.
  17. Hes a bread lover.
  18. He is your lover.
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