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norgeneral [a]: magnetisk
spageneral [a]: magnético
swegeneral [a]: magnetisk
  1. [adj]: attraction, attractive force [rt]
  2. [adj]: magnetized, magnetised, attractable [st]
  3. [adj]: attractive
  4. [adj]: charismatic, attractive [st]
  1. [adj]: antimagnetic
  2. [adj]: nonmagnetic
  3. [adj]: geographic
  4. [adj]: repulsive
Derived terms:electromagnetic, magnetic field, magnetic tape, magnetical, magnetically, antiferromagnetic, antimagnetic, blood-oxygenation level dependent functional magnetic resonance imaging, diamagnetic, electromagnetic delay line, electromagnetic interaction, electromagnetic intrusion, electromagnetic radiation, electromagnetic spectrum, electromagnetic unit, electromagnetic wave, electromagnetics, electron paramagnetic resonance, ferromagnetic, functional magnetic resonance imaging, magnetic attraction, magnetic bottle, magnetic bubble memory, magnetic compass, magnetic core, magnetic declination, magnetic dip, magnetic dipole, magnetic dipole moment, magnetic disc, magnetic disk, magnetic equator, magnetic field strength, magnetic flux, magnetic flux density, magnetic flux unit, magnetic force, magnetic head, magnetic inclination, magnetic induction, magnetic ink, magnetic intensity, magnetic iron-ore, magnetic levitation, magnetic line of force, magnetic medium, magnetic meridian, magnetic mine, magnetic moment, magnetic monopole, [Show less / more]
  1. I sit in front of a computer screen all day, so I get pretty heavily bombarded by electro-magnetic waves.
  2. The magnets, of course, have a magnetic field around them.
  3. But the earths magnetic field is very weak.
  4. Charles Walcot investigated the magnetic compass bearing sense in pigeons.
  5. So there is a magnetic field around earth.
  6. So the pigeon can feel the magnetic field on its head, but it cant feel the Earths magnetic field.
  7. To learn the answer you must know a little about the magnetic field around the world.
  8. This may be because they could not use the earths magnetic field.
  9. The magnetite is attracted to the earths magnetic field.
  10. The lines of this field run between magnetic north and magnetic south at the two poles.
  11. She has something of a magnetic force.
  12. She has a magnetic personality.
  13. It was innovation in Muslim communities that developed the order of algebra; our magnetic compass and tools of navigation; our mastery of pens and printing; our understanding of how disease spreads and how it can be healed.
  14. Suppose for a moment that pigeons had something in their heads which could sense magnetic fields.
  15. Pigeons can find their way home with the help of the Earths magnetic field.
  16. Do not place the console close to magnetic fields produced by magnets or loudspeakers.
  17. Superconducting magnets can produce intense magnetic fields.
  18. Ampere per meter is the SI unit of magnetic field strength. Its symbol is A/m.
  19. Pigeons can use the terrestrial magnetic field to find their way home.
  20. They were drawn to each other by a magnetic attraction.
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