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nortrade [n]: varer [up], gods [n]
spatrade [n]: mercancías [fp]
swetrade [n]: varor [up], gods [n]
  1. [n]: ware, product, commodity [gt], trade good [gt], good [gt]
  2. [v]: trade
Derived terms:line of merchandise, merchandiser
  1. Should we send back the wrong merchandise?
  2. The supermarket has a large stock of merchandise.
  3. Shopping by mail through catalogs gives people a wide choice of merchandise.
  4. I saw somebody steal the merchandise.
  5. Please use our toll-free number for calls regarding merchandise.
  6. Please send the merchandise by return.
  7. Despite a large surplus in merchandise trade, the current account surplus is not so big due to a deficit in invisible trade.
  8. No merchandise can be returned.
  9. Place this merchandise slip into the time stamp, and the date and time will be impressed.
  10. Please do not touch the merchandise.
  11. This merchandise will be on its way to São Paulo, and from there, to Pequim.
  12. Dont handle the merchandise.
  13. This merchandise is tax free.
  14. We soon sold all merchandise.
  15. You boycotted merchandise from that country.
  16. What do stores do with unsold merchandise?
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