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norwall [n]: åpning [u]
store [n]: åpning [u]
employment [n]: arbeidstilfelle [n]
event [n]: innledning [u], begynnelsen [u]
aperture [n]: åpning [u], luke [u]
spawall [n]: abertura [f], grieta [f]
store [n]: apertura [f]
employment [n]: vacante [f]
event [n]: apertura [f]
aperture [n]: abertura [f], orificio [m]
swewall [n]: öppning [u]
store [n]: öppning [u]
employment [n]: arbetstillfälle [n]
event [n]: inledning [u], början [u]
aperture [n]: öppning [u], lucka [u]
  1. [adj]: beginning [st], first [st], inaugural [st], initiative [st], initiatory [st], first [st], maiden [st], introductory [st], starting [st]
  2. [n]: gap, space [gt]
  3. [n]: ceremony [gt], ceremonial [gt], ceremonial occasion [gt], observance [gt]
  4. [n]: change of integrity [gt]
  5. [n]: opening night, curtain raising, start [gt]
  6. [n]: motion [gt], movement [gt], move [gt], motility [gt]
  7. [n]: opportunity [gt], chance [gt]
  8. [n]: introduction [gt]
  9. [n]: possibility, possible action, option [gt], alternative [gt], choice [gt]
  10. [n]: orifice, porta, passage [gt], passageway [gt]
  11. [n]: artifact [gt], artefact [gt]
  12. [n]: hatchway, scuttle, entrance [gt], entranceway [gt], entryway [gt], entry [gt], entree [gt]
  13. [n]: chess opening, succession [gt], sequence [gt]
  14. [n]: first step, initiative, opening move, beginning [gt], start [gt], commencement [gt]
  1. [adj]: closing
  2. [n]: closing
Derived terms:opening time, chess opening, neck opening, nonopening, opening line, opening move, opening night
  1. I am counting on you to deliver the opening address.
  2. Would you mind opening the window?
  3. Grand opening sale.
  4. The opening ceremony took place on schedule.
  5. The opening of the country had a great influence on Japanese civilization.
  6. The opening ceremony took place yesterday.
  7. I plan to invite a lot of guests to the opening ceremony.
  8. The opening address alone lasted one hour.
  9. The flowers are opening.
  10. In opening the door, I broke the lock.
  11. Would you mind my opening the door?
  12. Do you mind opening the door?
  13. Quite a few people attended the opening ceremony of the new bridge.
  14. The door is opening now.
  15. The flower is opening.
  16. Itll be opening time, time I get down there.
  17. I hereby declare the opening of the Olympic Games.
  18. Excuse me for interrupting you, but would you mind opening the window?
  19. There is no opening in our firm.
  20. Do you mind opening the window? Not at all.
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