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normusic - instruments [n]: orgel [u]
anatomy [n]: organ [n]
politics [n]: organ [n]
spamusic - instruments [n]: órgano [m]
anatomy [n]: órgano [m]
politics [n]: órgano [m], organillo [m]
swemusic - instruments [n]: orgel [u]
anatomy [n]: organ [n]
politics [n]: organ [n]
  1. [n]: body part [gt]
  2. [n]: agency [gt], federal agency [gt], government agency [gt], bureau [gt], office [gt], authority [gt]
  3. [n]: electric organ, electronic organ, Hammond organ, electronic instrument [gt]
  4. [n]: periodical [gt]
  5. [n]: pipe organ, wind instrument [gt], wind [gt]
  6. [n]: harmonium, reed organ, free-reed instrument [gt]
Derived terms:barrel organ, belly organ, charitable organization, disorganization, disorganize, disorganized, fata morgana, genital organs, inner sex organs, inner sexual organs, inorganic, lacking organization, large organization, microorganism, morganatic, mouth organ, North Atlantic Treaty Organization, organic, organic food, organism, organist, organization, organizational, organize, organized, organized crime, organizer, organs of reproduction, outer sex organs, reorganization, reorganize, reproductive organs, sense organ, sex organs, sexual organs, street organ, organdy, organic material, organisation, organise, organiser, 15 may organization, 3rd october organization, abu nidal organization, acute organic brain syndrome, american federation of labor and congress of industrial organizations, american organ, autotrophic organism, ballistic missile defense organization, business organisation, [Show less / more]
Anagrams:argon, groan, orang
  1. The surgeon persuaded me to undergo an organ transplant operation.
  2. The surgeon persuaded him to undergo an organ transplant.
  3. Can you play the organ?
  4. The Diet is the chief organ of government in Japan.
  5. Whether he has the operation depends upon the availability of the organ.
  6. The sight memory organ is below the hypothalamus.
  7. Certain religions are against organ donation.
  8. The skin is the largest organ of the body.
  9. The lowest-tuned pipe on the organ set off barometers all over the state.
  10. Tom has an organ donor card in his wallet.
  11. Tom registered to become an organ donor.
  12. If you agree to become an organ donor, you may help save someones life.
  13. Are there any religions that dont permit organ donation?
  14. When I got my drivers license renewed, I had to decide if I wanted to be an organ donor.
  15. There is usually an organ in a church.
  16. If my plane doesnt crash, and if I do not get kidnapped by organ thieves, I will drop you a line at the beginning of the week.
  17. Then, this child of fourteen years learned, as in a homework, that which we hide to maidens until their wedding night. She flipped through the drawings of the anatomy book, those superb drawings of a bloody reality. She paused upon each organ, understanding the most secret of them, those upon which is built the shame of men and women.
  18. Thats a huge organ.
  19. Mary was impressed by the big organ in the church.
  20. The clitoris is the most sensitive organ of a woman.
Results found in Norwegian dictionary
Results found in Swedish dictionary
enganatomy [n]: organ
politics [n]: organ
noranatomy [n]: organ
spaanatomy [n]: órgano [m]
politics [n]: órgano [m], organillo [m]
Synonyms:fullmakt, jurisdiktion, makt, myndighet, rakt
Derived terms:andningsorgan, Atlantpaktsorganisationen, desorganisera, desorganiserad, fata morgana, fortplantningsorganen, inre könsorgan, könsorgan, mikroorganism, morganatisk, noggrant organisera, omorganisation, omorganisera, oorganiserad, oorganisk, organisation, organisatör, organisatorisk, organisera, organiserad, organiserad brottslighet, organisk, organism, organist, reorganisation, reorganisera, sinnesorgan, stamorganisation, sugorgan, yttre könsorgan, fortplantningsorgan, kvinnligt könsorgan, seende organ
Wiki:Organ är en yttre eller inre kroppsdel med specifik funktion och form, till exempel arm, hjärta, lunga. Ett organ består av vävnader, som i sin tur är bildade av olika sorters celler. Cellernas egna små strukturer som kan liknas vid dess inre organ kallas organeller.
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