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normountain [n]: spiss [u], topp [u], tipp [u], høyeste punkt [u]
development [n]: høydepunkt [u], topp [u], toppunkt [u], høyde [u], kulmeringspunktet [invariable]
culminate [v]: kulminere, nå ett høydepunkt
spamountain [n]: cumbre [f], cima [f], pico [m]
development [n]: auge [f], cenit [m], apogeo [m]
culminate [v]: culminar en, terminar en, conducir a
swemountain [n]: spets [u], topp [u], tipp [u], högsta punkt [u]
development [n]: höjdpunkt [u], topp [u], toppunkt [u], höjd [u], kulmen [invariable]
culminate [v]: kulminera, nå en höjdpunkt
  1. [n]: extremum, limit [gt], limitation [gt]
  2. [n]: flower, prime, heyday, bloom, blossom, efflorescence, flush, time period [gt], period of time [gt], period [gt]
  3. [n]: acme, height, elevation, pinnacle, summit, superlative, meridian, tiptop, top, degree [gt], level [gt], stage [gt], point [gt]
  4. [n]: crown, crest, top, tip, summit, topographic point [gt], place [gt], spot [gt]
  5. [n]: point, tip, convex shape [gt], convexity [gt]
  6. [n]: vertex, apex, acme, extreme point [gt], extreme [gt], extremum [gt]
  7. [n]: bill, eyeshade, visor, vizor, brim [gt]
  8. [v]: reach [gt], make [gt], attain [gt], hit [gt], arrive at [gt], gain [gt]
antonyms:[adj]: off-peak
Derived terms:generally speaking, loudspeaker, off-peak, peaked, personally speaking, properly speaking, roughly speaking, so to speak, speak, speak about, speak for, speak for itself, speak freely, speak highly of, speak ill, speak in a monotone, speak of, speak one's mind, speak out, speak to, speak up, speak very well of, speak volumes, speak with, speak with a lisp, speaker, strictly speaking, unspeakable, peak time, speakeasy, adam's peak, bantu-speaking, bespeak, broadly speaking, chesapeake bay, chesapeake bay retriever, communism peak, doctorspeak, doublespeak, english-speaking, finno-ugric-speaking, flemish-speaking, french-speaking, gaelic-speaking, german-speaking, handies peak, icelandic-speaking, intercom speaker, italian-speaking, japanese-speaking, [Show less / more]
  1. The excitement reached its peak.
  2. The peak rises above the clouds.
  3. John is at his peak now.
  4. Mt. Everest is the highest peak in the world.
  5. The economy is at peak of a business cycle at present.
  6. Its in peak condition.
  7. The hut is below the peak.
  8. I met them during my descent from the peak.
  9. The morning rush is at its peak now.
  10. It seemed to me that beauty was like the summit of a mountain peak; when you had reached it there was nothing to do but to come down again.
  11. They seem a little past their peak, but even so we enjoyed the beautiful cherry blossoms.
  12. If your ability to accomplish a job does not exceed the peak, on the difficulty scale for one job, then no matter how long you wait it will not be solved.
  13. The lessons learned from the annals of history on peak wood should heighten our awareness of the consequences of the limits of natural resources.
  14. Can you see that mountain with the snow-covered peak?
  15. Mount Everest is the worlds highest peak.
  16. The mountain peak was covered with snow.
  17. When is peak sentences?
  18. There are no shortcuts to the peak, only to the abyss.
  19. How far did the Roman Empire stretch at its peak?
  20. I want to climb to the peak of Mount Kitadake.
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