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norteeth [a]: perfekt
quality [a]: perfekt
absolute [a]: absolutt, perfekt, fullkommelig
excellent [a]: utenordentlig, fortreffelig, perfekt, utsøkt, kjempefin [informal], pang-
faultless [a]: feilfri, uklanderlig, perfekt
general [v]: forbedre, fullkomne
spateeth [a]: perfecto
quality [a]: perfecto
absolute [a]: absoluto, total, completo
excellent [a]: exquisito, sobresaliente, excelente, espléndido, bárbaro
faultless [a]: impecable, sin defectos, perfecto
general [v]: mejorar, perfeccionar
sweteeth [a]: perfekt
quality [a]: perfekt
absolute [a]: absolut, perfekt, fullkomlig
excellent [a]: utomordentlig, förträfflig, perfekt, utsökt, jättefin [informal], pang-
faultless [a]: felfri, oklanderlig, perfekt
general [v]: förbättra, fullkomna
  1. [adj]: clean [st], clear [st], cold [st], complete [st], consummate [st], down [st], down pat [st], mastered [st], errorless [st], faultless [st], immaculate [st], impeccable [st], flawless [st], unflawed [st], ideal [st], idealized [st], idealised [st], idyllic [st], mint [st], perfectible [st], pluperfect [st], uncorrupted [st], undefiled [st], exact [rt], unblemished [rt], unbroken [rt], utopian [rt]
  2. [adj]: arrant, complete, consummate, double-dyed, everlasting, gross, pure, sodding, stark, staring, thoroughgoing, utter, unadulterated, unmitigated [st]
  3. [adj]: exact [st]
  4. [n]: perfective, perfective tense, perfect tense, tense [gt]
  5. [v]: hone, better [gt], improve [gt], amend [gt], ameliorate [gt], meliorate [gt]
antonyms:[adj]: imperfect
Derived terms:be letter-perfect, imperfect, imperfect tense, imperfection, in perfect harmony, in perfect union, not perfect, past perfect, perfect example, perfect participle, perfection, perfectionist, perfectly, perfectly calm, pluperfect, present perfect, fungi imperfecti, future perfect, future perfect tense, imperfectibility, imperfectible, imperfective, imperfective aspect, imperfectly, imperfectness, letter-perfect, osteogenesis imperfecta, past perfect tense, perfect game, perfect gas, perfect pitch, perfect tense, perfecta, perfected, perfecter, perfectibility, perfectible, perfectionism, perfective, perfective aspect, perfective tense, pluperfect tense, present perfect tense, superfecta, to perfection, word-perfect
  1. To be perfect she lacked just one defect.
  2. Youve done a perfect job.
  3. Your answer is anything but perfect.
  4. Your answer is far from perfect.
  5. Your composition is perfect except for a few mistakes.
  6. Your English is perfect.
  7. If you could only speak English, you would be perfect.
  8. I have yet to find a perfect husband.
  9. It no longer seems to be a perfect circle.
  10. Japanese children brought up overseas sometimes face great difficulty in adjusting themselves to Japanese schools after returning, even though they have a perfect command of Japanese.
  11. The spaceship made a perfect landing.
  12. None of us is perfect.
  13. I almost got a perfect score.
  14. I pronounce this a perfect dinner.
  15. The pilot made a perfect three-point landing.
  16. Her behavior at the party was far from perfect.
  17. Mrs. Davis was anything but a perfect wife.
  18. Each movement of the dancer was perfect.
  19. Its a perfect example of cruel fate.
  20. Each muscle shows perfect teamwork.
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