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norpunctuation mark [n]: punkt [u]
physiology [n]: menstruasjon [u], mens [u]
history [n]: epoke [u], ens [u], tideverv [n]
time [n]: periode [u], tidsperiode [u]
spapunctuation mark [n]: punto [m]
physiology [n]: menstruación [f], período [m]
history [n]: época [f], período [m], era [f]
time [n]: período [m], lapso [m]
swepunctuation mark [n]: punkt [u]
physiology [n]: menstruation [u], mens [u]
history [n]: epok [u], era [u], tidevarv [n]
time [n]: period [u], tidsperiod [u]
  1. [n]: time period, period of time, fundamental quantity [gt], fundamental measure [gt]
  2. [n]: playing period [gt], period of play [gt], play [gt]
  3. [n]: historic period, historical period, time period [gt], period of time [gt], period [gt]
  4. [n]: time interval [gt], interval [gt]
  5. [n]: menstruation, menses, menstruum, catamenia, flow, discharge [gt], emission [gt], expelling [gt]
  6. [n]: point, full stop, stop, full point, punctuation [gt], punctuation mark [gt]
  7. [n]: geological period, geological time [gt], geologic time [gt]
  8. [n]: end [gt], ending [gt]
Derived terms:gestation period, period of time, periodic, periodical, training period, trial period, periodically, aperiodic, cambrian period, carboniferous period, class period, cretaceous period, devonian period, duty period, fertile period, final period, first period, geological period, glacial period, historic period, historical period, incubation period, jurassic period, latency period, latent period, lower carboniferous period, lunar time period, lunch period, missippian period, neonatal period, nonperiodic, orbit period, ordovician period, overtime period, pennsylvanian period, period of play, period piece, periodic acid, periodic apnea of the newborn, periodic breathing, periodic event, periodic law, periodic motion, periodic movement, periodic sentence, periodic table, periodical cicada, periodicity, periodontal, periodontal disease, [Show less / more]
  1. The students lunch period is from twelve to one.
  2. We have English third period.
  3. The party stayed in Kyoto for a short period.
  4. Recession is a temporary falling off of business activity during a period when such activity is generally increasing.
  5. If Im away from home for a period of time, I will stop mail delivery.
  6. Go easy on Bob. You know, hes been going though a rough period recently.
  7. The setting of the story is Japan in the late Meiji period.
  8. The period is referred to as the Stone Age.
  9. She was superstitious, as the people of that period usually were.
  10. The drama on TV was so popular that it stirred up peoples interest in the period.
  11. The goal of the center should be to train young people from other countries within a specific time period.
  12. We believe, however, that over a period of time, we will be able to make remittance in full settlement.
  13. This is a work from Turners mature period.
  14. This custom dates from the Edo period.
  15. This extraordinary increase is explained by the speedy economic unification which took place during the same period.
  16. Up to this point I have presented an overview of the growth of political unrest in the period.
  17. The period of hot weather is very short here.
  18. The museums are full of objects which the most cultivated taste of a period considered beautiful, but which seem to us now worthless.
  19. Which period of history are you studying?
  20. GNP is measured as the total market value of all the goods and service produced by a nation during a specified period.
Results found in Swedish dictionary
enggeneral [n]: term
time [n]: period, period of time, span, space, time span, spell, stretch
norgeneral [n]: periode
spageneral [n]: plazo [m], período [m]
time [n]: período [m], lapso [m]
Synonyms:kretslopp, tvåhjuling, velociped, hoj
Derived terms:arbetslöshetsperiod, brunstperiod, försöksperiod, havandeskapsperiod, period med idel framgångar, period med idel motgångar, periodisk, periodisk skrift, tidsperiod, utbildningsperiod, tioårsperiod, nedgångsperiod, testperiod
  1. Om jag har fått jobb till nästa år och kan ta ledigt i en längre period så åker jag snart till Japan!
  2. Vi hade en lång period av fint väder.
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