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norstatement [v]: overbevise, overbevise
person [v]: overbevise, inntale
convince [v]: overbevise, overbevise, inntale
spastatement [v]: persuadir, convencer
person [v]: persuadir
convince [v]: convencer, persuadir
swestatement [v]: övertyga, överbevisa
person [v]: övertyga, intala
convince [v]: övertyga, överbevisa, intala
  1. [v]: carry, sway, influence [gt], act upon [gt], work [gt]
  2. [v]: induce [gt], stimulate [gt], cause [gt], have [gt], get [gt], make [gt]
antonyms:[v]: dissuade
Derived terms:persuade to, persuaded, try to persuade, persuader, unpersuaded
  1. It is no use your trying to persuade him.
  2. It is difficult for us to persuade him.
  3. It was difficult to persuade him to cancel the trip.
  4. Granted that you are right, we still have to persuade him first.
  5. I think there is no point in trying to persuade him.
  6. No words availed to persuade him.
  7. Nothing would persuade him.
  8. Therefore, we try to persuade people not to have cash, to have money electronically transferred.
  9. I could not persuade him that it was true.
  10. Its no use trying to persuade the boy.
  11. We tried to persuade Jim to join us.
  12. I tried to persuade Sam to give up his plan, only to fail.
  13. Managers like Paula Grayson, however, are trying to persuade them to change their habits.
  14. You might as well reason with the wolf as try to persuade that man.
  15. Will it do me any good to try to persuade him now?
  16. My wife tried to persuade me into buying a new car.
  17. Can you persuade him to join our club?
  18. We failed to persuade him.
  19. We have to use every means to persuade him.
  20. I had a hard time trying to persuade him to cancel the trip.
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