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norcountry [n]: eiendeler [up]
holdings [n]: besittelse [u], eiendeler [up]
belongings [n]: tilhørigheter [up], eiendeler [up], eiendom [u]
spacountry [n]: posesiones [fp], territorios [mp]
holdings [n]: posesiones [fp], bienes [mp]
belongings [n]: pertenencias [fp], bienes [mp]
swecountry [n]: besittningar [up]
holdings [n]: besittning [u], ägodelar [up]
belongings [n]: tillhörigheter [up], ägodelar [up], egendom [u]
Derived terms:personal possessions, worldly possessions
  1. Its not easy to part with ones favorite possessions.
  2. All his possessions are contained in that box.
  3. Quiet! Everybody stay where they are, there will now be a possessions check.
  4. When we come to die, we shall be alone. From all our worldly possessions we shall be about to part. Worldly friends — the friends drawn to us by our position, our wealth, or our social qualities, — will leave us as we enter the dark valley. From those bound to us by stronger ties — our kindred, our loved ones, children, brothers, sisters, and from those not less dear to us who have been made our friends because they and we are the friends of the same Saviour, — from them also we must part. Yet not all will leave us. There is One who sticketh closer than a brother — One who having loved His own which are in the world loves them to the end.
  5. I need a tighter grip on my possessions.
  6. Imogen of the Internet crochets about half of her possessions.
  7. Today, womens only consideration in marriage is probably if you love him or not, if he loves you or not, whether he is sincere and heartfelt towards you, whether there will be pressure with him, whether there will be happiness, and not what his possessions are!
  8. In todays world, possessions are plentiful, but time is scarce.
  9. Happiness isnt merely having many possessions.
  10. The latter means foregoing certain foods, pleasures, or possessions.
  11. Your possessions possess you and will hardly make you less dependant.
  12. He lost all his possessions.
  13. I need some cardboard boxes to pack my possessions.
  14. Do you want your possessions identified?
  15. Liberty is one of imaginations most precious possessions.
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