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norevent [a]: foregående, tidligere
time [a]: foregående, tidligere
spaevent [a]: pasado, anterior
time [a]: previo, anterior, precedente
sweevent [a]: föregående, tidigare
time [a]: föregående, tidigare
  1. [adj]: former, late, past [st]
  2. [adj]: premature, early [st]
  3. [adj]: old, preceding [st]
Derived terms:previous to, previously, return to previous success, previous level, previous question
  1. I would like to retract my previous statement.
  2. It is that Emmets theory is compatible with previous theories in physics that is of most significance.
  3. In short, it is because the plan.doc file I attached in the previous email was infected with a virus.
  4. The evidence corresponds to his previous statement.
  5. The accident happened previous to my arrival.
  6. Regarding Professor Scotts final criticism I have nothing more to add to what I said in my previous reply.
  7. This novel of his is inferior to the previous one.
  8. Thats the mind-set of a previous time. The current generation doesnt think that way.
  9. My cousin took me by surprise by coming without previous notice.
  10. I have a previous engagement at ten.
  11. How about a cup of coffee? Id like to, but I have a previous engagement.
  12. Complete the following form to know who you could have been in a previous life.
  13. Do you have any previous appointments next Sunday?
  14. The Supreme Court overturned a previous decision.
  15. Profit on computers for the previous year was nearly ten percent higher than the current year.
  16. Im sorry I have a previous appointment.
  17. I have a previous appointment.
  18. I had lost a camera in the previous day.
  19. I met him on the previous day.
  20. If I had not had a previous engagement, I could have come to the party.
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