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norintensity [a]: dyp
silence [a]: dyp
investigation [a]: omfattende, grundig undersøkelse, inngående
comment [a]: dypsindig, klok
argument [a]: dypsindig
degree [a]: grundig undersøkelse, fullstendig, inngående
person [a]: dypsindig
spaintensity [a]: profundo
silence [a]: profundo, profundamente arraigado
investigation [a]: exhaustivo, minucioso, profundo
comment [a]: profundo, sabio
argument [a]: profundo, significativo
degree [a]: completo, minucioso
person [a]: profundo
sweintensity [a]: djup
silence [a]: djup
investigation [a]: omfattande, grundlig, ingående
comment [a]: djupsinnig, klok
argument [a]: djupsinnig
degree [a]: grundlig, fullständig, ingående
person [a]: djupsinnig
  1. [adj]: deep [st], thoughtful [st], intense [rt], scholarly [rt]
  2. [adj]: intense [st]
  3. [adj]: fundamental, significant [st], important [st]
  4. [adj]: deep [st]
  5. [adj]: heavy, sound, wakeless, deep [st]
  6. [adj]: unfathomed, unplumbed, unsounded, deep [st]
antonyms:[adj]: superficial
Derived terms:profoundly, profoundly deaf, profoundness
  1. Freuds insights into human behavior led to him being honored as a profound thinker.
  2. I feel profound sympathy for the victims.
  3. That made a profound impression on me.
  4. I felt profound reverence for the courageous mother.
  5. The exhibition offers profound insights into ancient civilization.
  6. That child fell into a profound sleep.
  7. Each episode of that TV drama ends with somebody delivering a profound line.
  8. The audience was impressed by his profound lecture.
  9. He is a man of profound knowledge.
  10. He is a man with profound learning.
  11. There is in all barbarian communities a profound sense of the disparity between mans and womans work.
  12. This movie leaves a profound reflection for all viewers.
  13. Your questions are getting progressively more profound.
  14. Hegels philosophy is so odd that no one would have expected him to be able to get sane men to accept it, but he did. He set it out with so much obscurity that people thought it must be profound.
  15. A nudnik who believes hes profound is even worse than just a plain nudnik.
  16. His teachings are incorporated in a profound book Daode Jing which Taoists regard as the final authority and doctrines of the religion.
  17. Tom couldnt shake the feeling that something profound was about to happened.
  18. Anna Freud had a profound influence on Hollywood.
  19. She fell into a profound sleep.
  20. Its profound ignorance that inspires the dogmatic tone of speaking.
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