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norman [n]: innsatt [u]
woman [n]: innsatt [u]
medicine - man [n]: underlege [u]
medicine - woman [n]: underlege [u]
spaman [n]: residente [m]
woman [n]: residente [f]
medicine - man [n]: médico residente [m]
medicine - woman [n]: médica residente [f]
sweman [n]: invånare [u]
woman [n]: invånare [u]
medicine - man [n]: underläkare [u]
medicine - woman [n]: underläkare [u]
  1. [adj]: nonmigratory
  2. [n]: occupant, occupier, inhabitant [gt], habitant [gt], dweller [gt], denizen [gt], indweller [gt]
  3. [n]: house physician, resident physician, doctor [gt], doc [gt], physician [gt], MD [gt], Dr. [gt], medico [gt]
  1. [adj]: nonresident
  2. [adj]: migratory
  3. [n]: nonresident
Derived terms:be a resident of, president, presidential, president's wife, residential, residential area, vice-president, residents, ex-president, executive office of the president, executive vice president, nonresident, nonresidential, president abraham lincoln, president adams, president andrew johnson, president arthur, president benjamin harrison, president buchanan, president bush, president carter, president cleveland, president clinton, president coolidge, president eisenhower, president fillmore, president ford, president franklin roosevelt, president garfield, president george w. bush, president grant, president harding, president harrison, president hayes, president hoover, president jefferson, president john adams, president john f. kennedy, president john quincy adams, president johnson, president kennedy, president lincoln, president lyndon johnson, president madison, president mckinley, president monroe, president nixon, president of the united states, president pierce, president polk, [Show less / more]
  1. What does resident alien mean?
  2. Our resident squirrel eats all our camellias.
Results found in Swedish dictionary

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enggeneral [?]: resident
norgeneral [?]: hjemmehørende
spageneral [?]: hjemmehørende
Derived terms:president, president-, presidentsfru, presidentskap, vicepresident
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