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noraddition [a]: rett, korrekt
moral behavior [a]: riktig
truth [a]: rett, riktig, sann
geometry [a]: rett
direction [a]: høyre
claim [n]: rett [u]
direction [n]: høyre side [u]
injustice [v]: rette opp, godtgjøre
modifier [o]: rett, eksakt, presis
direction [o]: til høyre, til høyre
correctly [o]: rett, riktig, korrekt
spaaddition [a]: correcto
moral behavior [a]: justo
truth [a]: cierto, correcto
geometry [a]: recto
direction [a]: derecho
claim [n]: derecho [m]
direction [n]: derecha [f]
injustice [v]: remediar, arreglar
modifier [o]: exactamente
direction [o]: a la derecha, a la derecha de uno
correctly [o]: bien, correctamente
sweaddition [a]: rätt, korrekt
moral behavior [a]: riktig
truth [a]: rätt, riktig, sann
geometry [a]: rät
direction [a]: höger
claim [n]: rätt [u]
direction [n]: höger sida [u]
injustice [v]: rätta till, gottgöra
modifier [o]: rakt, exakt, precis
direction [o]: till höger, åt höger
correctly [o]: rätt, riktigt, korrekt
  1. [adj]: correct, accurate [st], exact [st], precise [st], letter-perfect [st], word-perfect [st], straight [st], accurate [rt], proper [rt], true [rt]
  2. [adj]: far [st], rightmost [st], right-hand [st], starboard [st], right-handed [rt]
  3. [adj]: correct, proper [st]
  4. [adj]: ethical [st], honorable [st], honourable [st], moral [st], ethical [rt], good [rt], just [rt], proper [rt]
  5. [adj]: correct, right-minded [st]
  6. [adj]: proper, suitable, suited, appropriate [st]
  7. [adj]: conservative [st], reactionary [st], reactionist [st], far-right [st], rightish [st], rightist [st], right-wing [st], conservative [rt]
  8. [adj]: satisfactory [st]
  9. [adj]: right-hand, right-handed [st]
  10. [adj]: correct, proper [st]
  11. [adj]: perpendicular [st]
  12. [adj]: outside [st]
  13. [adj]: good, ripe, opportune [st]
  14. [n]: abstraction [gt], abstract [gt]
  15. [n]: interest [gt], stake [gt]
  16. [n]: position [gt], place [gt]
  17. [n]: turn [gt], turning [gt]
  18. [n]: right wing, faction [gt], sect [gt]
  19. [n]: rightfulness, justice [gt], justness [gt]
  20. [n]: right hand, hand [gt], manus [gt], mitt [gt], paw [gt]
  21. [n]: right field, rightfield, tract [gt], piece of land [gt], piece of ground [gt], parcel of land [gt], parcel [gt]
  22. [v]: compensate, redress, correct, change [gt], alter [gt], modify [gt], compensate [rt]
  23. [v]: change [gt], alter [gt], modify [gt]
  24. [v]: change posture [gt]
  25. [v]: correct, rectify, change by reversal [gt], turn [gt], reverse [gt]
  26. [adv]: flop
  27. [adv]: properly, decently, decent, in good order, the right way
  28. [adv]: right on
  29. [adv]: mighty, powerful
  30. [adv]: justly
  31. [adv]: correctly, aright
  1. [adj]: wrong ,incorrect
  2. [adj]: left
  3. [adj]: wrong
  4. [adj]: wrong
  5. [adj]: left ,center
  6. [n]: left
  7. [n]: wrongfulness ,wrong
  8. [v]: wrong
  9. [v]: falsify
  10. [adv]: left
  11. [adv]: improperly
  12. [adv]: wrongly ,incorrectly
Derived terms:all right, all-right, alright, aright, at a right angle, at right angles, be at right angles to, be upright, birthright, bright, bright lights, brighten, brighten up, brightness, buy something outright, cartwright, civil rights, copyright, deprive of the right to vote, downright, forthright, fright, frighten, frighten away, frighten off, frighten someone, frightened, frightening, frightful, frightfully, frightfulness, get in the right-hand lane, give someone a fright, give the right to, have a terrible fright, human rights, legal right, make right, millwright, not bright, off the right path, on someone's right side, outright, pay for something outright, playwright, preemptive right of buying, pre-emptive right of buying, pull over to the right, purchase something outright, put right, [Show less / more]
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