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norwriting [o]: sikk
spawriting [o]: sic, así
swewriting [o]: sic
Synonyms:[v]: set, assail [gt], assault [gt], set on [gt], attack [gt]
Derived terms:airsick, airsickness, amnesic, analgesic, astrophysics, background music, basic, BASIC, basic ideas, basically, basics, be carsick, be sick, be sick and tired of, be sick of, be sick of it, be sick to death of, be worried sick about, capsicum, carsick, carsickness, chamber music, classic, classic example, classical, classicism, Corsica, Corsican, country music, desiccant, desiccate, desiccated, dropsical, extrinsic, fall sick, feel sick, folk music, forensic, forensic medicine, forensic science, geophysical, geophysics, hammer and sickle, harpsichord, heartsick, homesick, homesickness, intrinsic, lackadaisical, lovesick, [Show less / more]
Wiki:Sic - generally placed in square brackets, [sic sic], and sometimes in round, (sic) - is a comment interpolated into quoted or reprinted material to indicate that the preceding text has been reproduced literatim from the source, so as to avoid the misattribution of textual irregularities to transcription errors by the quoter or reprinter. A bracketed sic may also be used as a form of ridicule or as a humorous comment. Though occasionally misidentified as an abbreviation, sic is an English-language adverb that has its origins in Latin.
Results found in Spanish dictionary
engescritura [o]: sic
norescritura [o]: sikk
sweescritura [o]: sic
Derived terms:a su disposición, ácido prúsico, actividad física, acusica, adoptar una posición ... hacia, adquisición, amnésico, analgésico, anestésico, aposición, aptitud física, astrofísica, sico, sico, cajita musical, centro musical, clasicismo, clásico, coche clásico, composición, composición del número, composición musical, daño físico, de transición, deposición, descomposición, disposición, disposición en los artículos, electrodeposición, en buen estado físico, en descomposición, en malas condiciones físicas, equipo de música, estado físico, estar a disposición de uno, estar en buenas condiciones físicas, estar en perfecto estado físico, estar en una posición comprometedora, exposición, exposición anual, falto de oído musical, sica, sica nuclear, sicamente, sico, geofísica, geofísico, Golfo Pérsico, guerra psicológica, herida física, [Show less / more]
Results found in Swedish dictionary
engskriveri [o]: sic
norskriveri [o]: sikk
spaskriveri [o]: sic, así
Derived terms:gå i sicksack, klassicism, sicksack, musicera
Wiki:Sic, lat. ""ja""; ""så"", ord som används för att bekräfta något som är osannolikt eller till synes felaktigt. Det kan till exempel användas i citat för att upplysa om att stavfel, grammatikfel eller liknande härstammar från källan.
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