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norhorse [a]: skvetten, lettskremt
person [a]: nykkefull, ombyttelig
spahorse [a]: asustadizo
person [a]: caprichoso, frívolo
swehorse [a]: skygg, lättskrämd
person [a]: nyckfull, ombytlig
Synonyms:[adj]: flighty, spooky, nervous, excitable [st]
Derived terms:skittishness
Wiki:Skittish is a Mike Doughty album recorded with indie rock producer Kramer in one day, July 5, 1996, and mixed on July 6. Frustrated by the acrimonious sessions for Soul Coughing's Irresistible Bliss, and attracted to Kramer's signature minimal, reverby sound, Doughty took a batch of songs-some rejected by, some withheld from Soul Coughing-and crossed the river to bang the disc out at Kramer's studio, Noise New Jersey, a gigantic, shag-carpeted room built as an addition to a house by a would-be Disco musician in the 70s, to which Kramer added huge echo plates running down either side of his garage-the source of his trademark haunting sound. Though Kramer built up some songs in Doughty's absence, with strings and organ, the disc is mostly a stark affair.
Example:They seem a bit skittish.|The men are skittish as colts.|Your horses might be skittish.|A trifle skittish.|You're making my horse skittish.|This one's too skittish around cows.|He's a little skittish around humans.|It's also lion country, and at the water holes the animals are nervous and skittish.|They're skittish around anyone on foot.|I thought deer were supposed to be skittish.
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