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norindefinite pronoun - m. [o]: noen
spaindefinite pronoun - m. [o]: alguien
sweindefinite pronoun - m. [o]: någon
Synonyms:[n]: person, individual, somebody, mortal, soul, organism [gt], being [gt], causal agent [gt], cause [gt], causal agency [gt]
Derived terms:a weight off someone's mind, a weight on someone's mind, as someone suggested, at someone's suggestion, be answerable to someone, be beyond someone's understanding, be coming someone's way, be frank with someone, be on someone's mind, be plain with someone, be ready for someone, be there for someone, become someone, bring someone to his senses, bring someone up-to-date, call someone's attention to, come to someone's aid, come to someone's rescue, delude someone with false hopes, do someone honor, drag someone along, drive someone bananas, drive someone crazy, drive someone nuts, escape someone's mind, escape someone's notice, frighten someone, furnish someone with something, get someone to understand something, get something into someone's head, get something through to someone, give it to someone straight, give someone a fright, give someone a piggyback, give someone sexual education, give someone the creeps, give someone the shivers, give someone the willies, give someone the works, go on in someone's mind, help someone out, hold out false hopes to someone, ignore someone totally, keep someone in sight, knock someone senseless, know someone by sight, leave someone alone, leave someone be, let someone alone, let someone be[Show less / more]
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