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noraviation - man [n]: steward [u]
nautical - man [n]: steward [u]
spaaviation - man [n]: auxiliar de vuelo [m]
nautical - man [n]: camarero [m]
sweaviation - man [n]: steward [u]
nautical - man [n]: steward [u]
  1. [n]: fiduciary [gt]
  2. [n]: officer [gt], ship's officer [gt]
  3. [n]: flight attendant, attendant [gt], attender [gt], tender [gt]
  4. [n]: shop steward, union representative [gt]
  5. [n]: custodian, keeper, defender [gt], guardian [gt], protector [gt], shielder [gt]
Derived terms:shop steward, shop stewardess, stewardess, stewardship, wine steward
  1. Here you are, the steward says.
  2. Youre very welcome replied the steward.
Results found in Norwegian dictionary
engaviation - man [n]: flight attendant, steward
nautisk - mann [n]: steward
spaaviation - man [n]: auxiliar de vuelo [m]
nautisk - mann [n]: camarero [m]
sweaviation - man [n]: steward
  1. De fire norske besetningsmedlemmene ombord i flyet er flystyrmann Eddie Lund, steward Eigil Aase, flyvertinne Eva Nancy Henriksen og flyvertinne Merete Thorsen.
  2. Onsdag følger Lester Bowies Brass Fantasy, et ensemble på ni med blant andre Stanton Davis, Bob Steward, Olu Dara og Steve Turre.
Results found in Swedish dictionary
engaviation - man [n]: flight attendant, steward
nautisk - man [n]: steward
noraviation - man [n]: steward
spaaviation - man [n]: auxiliar de vuelo [m]
nautisk - man [n]: camarero [m]
Derived terms:stewardess
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