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noranatomy - zoology [n]: mage [u]
anatomy [n]: mage [u]
mental condition [v]: tolerere, tåle, fordra, stå ut med
feelings [v]: komme over det, smelte
spaanatomy - zoology [n]: cuajar [m], fauces [fp]
anatomy [n]: estómago [m]
mental condition [v]: aguantar, soportar, tolerar
feelings [v]: sobrepasarlo, tragárselo, digerirlo, aceptarlo
sweanatomy - zoology [n]: mage [u]
anatomy [n]: mage [u]
mental condition [v]: tolerera, tåla, fördra, stå ut med
feelings [v]: komma över det, smälta
  1. [n]: tummy, tum, breadbasket, internal organ [gt], viscus [gt]
  2. [n]: abdomen, venter, belly, body part [gt]
  3. [n]: inclination [gt]
  4. [n]: appetite [gt], appetency [gt], appetence [gt]
  5. [v]: digest [gt]
  6. [v]: digest, endure, stick out, bear, stand, tolerate, support, brook, abide, suffer, put up, permit [gt], allow [gt], let [gt], countenance [gt]
Derived terms:fourth stomach, rennet stomach, second stomach, sick to one's stomach, stomach pump, stomach ulcer, stomachache, third stomach, true stomach, turn one's stomach, upset stomach, first stomach, pit of the stomach, stomach ache, stomach exercise, stomach flu, stomach sweetbread, stomach upset, stomachal, stomacher, stomachic
Wiki:s, the stomach is a muscular, hollow, dilated part of the alimentary canal which functions as the primary organ of the digestive tract. It is involved in the second phase of digestion, following mastication (chewing). The stomach is located between the esophagus and the small intestine.
  1. It is obvious why you have a stomach-ache.
  2. My stomach is clenched with hunger.
  3. Drinking on an empty stomach is bad for your health.
  4. I have butterflies in my stomach.
  5. The cancer has spread to her stomach.
  6. My stomach started growling right there in the meeting. It was embarrassing.
  7. No man can be a patriot on an empty stomach.
  8. You should put something in your stomach before you go.
  9. The doctor used X-rays to examine my stomach.
  10. Could you send up some stomach medicine?
  11. I want to see a doctor about my stomach-ache.
  12. I suffer from a stomach ache.
  13. The stomach is one of the internal organs.
  14. The pain in my stomach has gone.
  15. Something is the matter with my stomach.
  16. An ulcer forms in the stomach.
  17. I got a stomach tumor and had to have it operated on.
  18. I have a pressing feeling in my stomach.
  19. My stomach hurts.
  20. Do you feel any pain in your stomach?
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